Wonderful places nearby Bucharest. Impressions and real photos from Snagov

When you spend the city break in Bucharest, you can try also Snagov. Is nearby Bucharest and it is an amazing area surrounded by lakes. You will find here many places for relaxing.

Snagov is a commune near Bucharest and it is located 40 km north. The commune is composed of five villages: Ciofliceni, Ghermăneşti, Snagov, Tâncăbeşti and Vlădiceasca. Snagov is a popular holiday resort, and many villas have lately been built on the shores of Snagov lake. The first attraction here is represented by the Lake.

1. Real photos with the Snagov Lake

Snagov Lake nearby Bucharest

2. Water Sports in Snagov

Watersports on Snagov Lake

3. Perfect relaxing places in Snagov

Relaxing Snagov Lake

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