Why should you visit the Biosphere Reserve Park Grosses Walsertal Vorarlberg- Austria?

We spent a few days in the Grosses Walsertal Vorarlberg Austria, a few days of unreal. Here you are instantly teleported into an idyllic and 100% real world, an ideal holiday spot for nature lovers and those who have lost touch with it. In the fresh air, with no unpleasant distractions, hooliganism and rubbish, with nothing to stress you, you find the joy of life, the desire to do more. And you have a necessary detox, pollution and stress, because here you have only positive energies.

In the Grosses Walsertal Biosphere Park Vorarlberg, I totally disconnected. I can not describe how well it has made me stay in this clean and so quiet environment. In the evening there only heard the sounds of nature and rarely traditional songs, laughter, warm words, but only in restaurants and hostels. In fact, most of the restaurants in the area, if not all, belong to the boarding houses.

Remarcable landmark: Reservation park of the Grosses Walsertal Vorarlberg biosphere

Traffic? Yes, there is, but somehow it does not bother, especially since nobody clays and people drive in a way that does not stress the others at all. Moreover, I have not seen hostels on the main road and even if the car is reached by each cottage, I do not know how it is that I did not have the feeling that cars are passing by. However, there are many motorcyclists, the area being loved for beauty, but it does not spoil the harmony of the area. If you are on the main road when a motorcycle convoy passes, you have only a feeling of joy and you can do it by hand like when you were a child. I think there is something in the air that makes you enjoy every moment. And look:


250 kilometers of marked trails!

Yes, there are 250 kilometers of marked trails in the Großes Walsertal biosphere park Vorarlberg! For beginners, for advanced, for bikes, the sky is the limit! Ideal for an active summer holiday! In winter, here is a heaven for those who love sch vacation.

       Many trails in the Grosses Walsertal Biosphere Reserve Park Vorarlberg



The Alps are tall, and even if the trails start right at the hotel, it’s hard to get up and down the road. But there is no need: You can follow the most beautiful high-rises to get there quickly from one of the cable cars. We climbed from Sonntag Stein station.


You can make your own pizza

How? Simple! Buy a pizza from the cable car station and chop it up when you get up. Eventually, after you’ve been hiking for at least an hour and a half.


Lake Seewaldsee

Seewaldsee is a lake formed by the melting of a glacier. The water is so clean that it is drinkable. And the water is not as cold as you could think, many travelers bathing here, of course, summer.


Walk deep in rivers, serenity peaks, canyons, waterfalls

In Grosses Walsertal you are in the Austrian Alps. Nature is fabulous and it makes you feel like walking a kilometer, one more, easy, easy, or you do not know when you’ve traveled 20 kilometers a day.

                                                             Grosses Walsertal Forests

It’s very safe to go hiking

        I told you I spent two hours in the rain, right? Inadvertently, what experience!

People are very sympathetic

I had the pleasure of staying for three nights at the Krone guesthouse in the village of Sonntag, Grosses Walsertal and it was amazing. This is because the guesthouse was completely renovated with the help of the village and is a pole of attraction for the locals. Here we socialize with the locals either at breakfast or in the evening, because it is the favorite meeting place for the Sonntag people, or for a big party that took place even during our stay or an inauguration of an exhibition with local crafts to held in the courtyard of the pension. That’s because the guesthouse is right next to the Museum of the Region.

I said people are sympathetic: they are, but sometimes they can be reserved, or even slightly shy. They may seem even unwelcome to interaction, but it is not. They are just waiting to interact, but although some are proactive and very curious, it does not apply to the majority. Generally, someone needs to break the ice, and well, as we are Latins, it is easier for us to do this. Of course, with measure, we must not even force the note, some may even want to be left alone. But overall, they are very sympathetic and pleasant, calm, serene, serious. And very happy after a few drinks with some alcohol.


The food is delicious

Austrian cuisine does not have a great diversity, but when everything is organic, or almost everything, the taste is special. In Grosses Walsertal we only eaten homemade dishes, including sausages and cheeses made by pensioners. Butter, milk tastes great. Likewise meat preparations, soups, bread, everything was natural. And with lots of calories that you can not really avoid if you eat at the restaurants of the hostels. Perhaps only if you eat only salads, but would not it be a pity?

                                                                   The beer is good!

Learn about sustainability and what a biosphere reserve park means

The purpose of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Park is to explore the relationship between man and nature, taking into account social, cultural and environmental aspects.

Sustainable economy: The purpose of the Grosses Walsertal Arc is to reach 100% renewable energy in the region. Now the share is 84%. Thus, an increased quality of life is ensured in the region.

                                                           Pitoresque Grosses Walsertal

To use nature without harming them. The biosphere parks around the world are looking to bring the solution to the eternal question: how can we create a balanced relationship between protecting the environment and human needs?

Part of the Grosses Walsertal Park is untouched, that is, the man did not interfere with nature at all, and in other areas it intervenes, but without the interaction being harmful. In the Biosphere Park, it’s not just about nature, it’s about preserving habits, culture, traditions.

More about the Park on their website, the source for the information in the article about the Biosphere Park.

Complete informations

There is a free, installable Vorarlberg app available in Google Play stores and the Apple store. Here you can see the trails and of course everything you can do in the region. Furthermore, if you go to the Sonntag Tourist Information Center located in the BiospherePark building, you get maps and flyers with information about the region and about the events taking place.

And if you want to see live the weather on a particular day, you can watch webcams online. So is the weather forecast.





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