Virginia Falls: Rafting the Nahanni River

Why Nahanni River?


A Nahanni rafting expedition is truly a trip of a lifetime. Over the course of this 94 km (150 mi) journey from Virginia Falls to Blackstone Landing, this fast flowing river drops a heart pumping 396 m (1,300 ft). Each section of this epic voyage takes you through canyons, over rapids and past some of the most stunning scenery on Earth.
Even the names conjure up images of danger and excitement as you tumble through Hell’s Gate, pass Headless Creek and camp out in Deadmen Valley. So remote is this region of north-western Canada that the only practical way to arrive is by air. This start to the voyage could not be more spectacular, as you land alongside the towering Virginia Falls.
Fed by the melt waters of the Mackenzie Mountains, the Nahanni River provides the rafter with the most thrilling of rides. From the figure-of-eight rapids of Hell’s Gate to the giant waves of George’s Riffle, this is a true test of oars, people and raft. The welcome respite of overnight camping could not be in more imposing surroundings, and the 1,200 m (3,900 ft) walls of Third Canyon are the most magnificent of sights to wake up to in the morning.
The rushing noise of the river is constant and reminds you of the challenges that lie ahead. Towards the end of this epic voyage you :ass. as if by design, Kraus’ Hotsprings where you can soothe your aching limbs, rejoice in nature and congratulate yourself on nearly completing this most exhilarating of journeys. It is then just a short paddle along the braided channels of The Splits where the river finally loses some of its rage.


Best sights of Nahanni River


Virginia Falls

Is too difficult to tear oneself away.

The thrilling run through Painted Canyon.

The view of Tlogotsho Plateau from Deadmen Valley.

The lush steep-sided forest as you near Blackstone Landing.


What you should know?


The beauty of rafting is that even a relative beginner can tackle the hardest of runs if accompanied by experienced people. You do have to be fit however, as there is a lot of  equipment to be carried.

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