Vacation in Varadero: Impressions and real photos


Impressions from Varadero

Varadero, Cuba’s ultimate tourist attraction, situated only 141 km east from Havana, lures visitors with a diamond-dust beach that stretches for 17 km along the coastal line of a panoramic peninsula. Half of the country’s hotels are located here – from the least expensive to those managed by the international hotel chains. If what you dream of is nothing but sun, sand and sea, this is the perfect holiday spot for you. But keep in mind that Varadero is open only to Canadian and European tourists and inaccessible to Cubans, thus lacking almost completely the local flavor.

Developed initially in 1880s as a summer destination for Cubans, Varadero found its international vocation under the hand of American industrialist Irénée du Pont who, starting from the ’20s, began building hotels, casinos and restaurants that fast became an attraction even for Hollywood stars.

My favourite hotel in Varadero

About Varadero Golf Club

Now fashioned in a quaint hotel, the Spanish-style du Pont residence dominates the eastern extremity of the main beach. In its immediate proximity the once 9-hole golf course has been transformed into the 18-hole Varadero Golf Club and is opened to tourists upon reservation (tel. 5/66-7788 or

Best places to see in Varadero


In the same vicinity, the Delfinario is prepared to offer dolphin representations to visitors who are seeking an alternative to sun-bathing.

Reserva Ecológica Varahicacos

For those enamored with nature and trekking, at the far east of the peninsula there is the Reserva Ecológica Varahicacos with some 730 acres developed for eco-tourism with bushes and marked treks that will take the tourist to numerous caves, including the famous Cueva Ambrosio which displays many Indian drawings. However, those planning on making it a holiday destination should be aware of the fact that in Varadero mosquitoes can become a problem and, at the same time, that the

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