Vacation in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Impressions from the Chiang Dao Journey

Everything About Chiang Mai

The lovely northern city of Chiang Mai makes an excellent base for many different explorations. Chiang Mai is in the same time one of the biggest and knowest places for practicise yoga in Thailand, toghether  with Ko Phangan Island, which is located nearby Koh Samui.


Best journey in Chiang Mai: Take the scenic route to Chiang Dao Caves

Starting from our hotel to the Chiang Dao Caves. For this journey you’ll need your own transport, to enable you to enjoy a rounabout journey to the Chiang Dao Caves, taking in some unusual , and un-touristy places and route.


Impressions from Chiang Dao Caves journey

Travelling north from Chiang Mai, take Route 107 – you’ll soon see a sign to your left pointing to the Hill Tribe Museum. Set in Rama IX Lanna Park, which also contains a golf course, shooting range, fishing lake and the city’s racecourse, this interesting little museum contains a wealth of informations about Thailand’s six main hill tribes as well as other, minor tribal groups.


Continuing north you will find the Model Centre of Learning, a project where young Thais learn various handicrafts, and where visitors can see how raw cotton and silk are turned into beautiful lenghts of fabric.

The next stop on your journey is the Dara Pirom Palace, former home of Princess Dara Rasamee and an absolute gem of a place, full of fascinating personal effects and objects that give an insight into the royal lifestyle as it was lived about 100 years ago. (Sure, it is not as great as the King ‘s Bhumibol Residence from Bangkok). Further north still and you turn off onto the small route 3010, winding through the forest to the much -revered Four Buddhas’s  Temple. Redeveloped over the years, it stands in a tranquil forest setting, little visited by foreigners.

Finally, return to the main road, and head to Chiang Dao. You’ll pass an elephant training camp on the way- well worth a visit if you have time. The cave complex is well is well signed and much visited: there are 100 named caves here, stretching over 10 km into the mountain. Currently only five can be explored, and you ‘ll need to take a guide with a lantern for three of them.

Best highlights of the Chiang Dao Journey

Doi Suthep

Is the Chiang Mai ‘s 1676 meters peak, with its sacred temple, winter palace and delightful National Park. Trekking in the mountains north of Chiang Mai.

Kok River

Rafting on the Kok River from Fang village. In the same time you can see Pai, this is some peoples idea of heaven

Ride an elephant


Make photo with the tiger


What you should know about the Journey to Chiang Dao

North East of Chiang Mai is the area known as the Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Burma and Laos meet, and where many of the world’s opium poppies are grown.



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