Tyulenovo- The charming seafront location on the Black Sea

Tyulenovo can be reached by the old seaside road in Kavarna, which runs along the rocky coast, through the Rusalca resort and the Kamen Bryag village.

It has a reduced population of about 60 permanent residents, but in the summer you can find here nearly 200 souls. In the center there are two small hotels, a fishing harbor and a small beach. Dolphins can be seen on the coast and usually come closer to shore in the morning or late afternoon.

The rock caves here have been used in history as dwellings, but nowadays camps have been arranged for free accommodation. There is also a large sandy beach in Bolata, less than 2 kilometers from Tyulenovo.

Further on the seaside route from Tyulenovo to Kamen Bryag there is a megalith complex called Rocky Monasteries. The megalith is made up of stone-carved graves and sacrificed stones used by the ancient cult of the Sun. More information about the whole area can be found in the tourist center of the village of Balgarevo, where are recently exhibited artifacts discovered from the Elenolian settlement Durankulak, belonging to one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

Tyulenovo is also renowned for the fact that on 31 May 1951 the first oil field in Bulgaria, the so-called Tyulenovo oil field, was discovered.


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