If you decided to spend your vacation in Romania, you should know that it has a lot of beautiful lakes. We made a top 11 of the most beautiful lakes in Romania.

1.Colibita Lake

Located just 50 kilometers from Bistrita, in the foothills Călimani lake Colibiţa fascinates with its wild beauty, but also with dozens of legends circulating about this area. Informations about the healing properties of air Colibiţa began circulating since 1883, when a young woman from Bistrita says was cured of tuberculosis due to air in this area very rich in ozone.

2.The Red Lake

Red Lake (locally known as Lake Ghilcoş) is a natural dam lake formed after the collapse of a slope because of the earthquake of January 23, 1838, at 18.45. 6.9 magnitude, intensity VIII [1], at the foot Hăşmaşul Mare, near Gorge Gorge, at a distance of 26 km from Gheorgheni, Harghita County

lacul rosu

3.Beiului Eye Lake

As the light flies over the water, the lake’s color is constantly changing from light blue to an incredibly beautiful dark blue-green. The water is so clean that you can easily see the fish swimming. The lake surface is 284 square meters, the depth is 3.6 m and it has a vat shape. Another interesting thing is the fact that during the winter, even when extremely low temperatures are recorded, the lake is not freezing. The explanation is simple – an underground water source continuously feeding the lake; so, during the winter you can see migratory birds resting on the surface of the lake.

Beiului Eye Lake

4.Vidraru Lake

Vidraru Lake has 465 million cubic meters of water, a length of 10.3 km and a width of 2.2 km; thus, accumulating a total area of 870 hectares and maximum depth of 155 meters.

vidraru lake

5.Oasa Lake

Oasa Lake is located on river Sebes (in Sureanu mountains) at an altitude of 1.200 meters. The dam is crossed by Transalpina highway. The dam length is 300 meters and the height is 90 meters. In your leisure time, in here you can practice horse riding, hiking, cycling, fishing or you can enjoy the nature in its true splendor.

oasa lake

6.Eagles Lake

Vulturilor Lake is a periglacial lake located in Buzău Mountains (in the south-eastern curvature of the Carpathian mountains) at an altitude of 1420 m. The nearest town is Siriu.The legend tells that in spring, eagles are coming to the lake to teach their baby birds how to fly; and that by drinking the water, the eagles grew younger.

Eagles Lake in Buzau

7.Saint Ana Lake

Saint Ana Lake is the only volcanic lake in Romania. The lake is located in Ciomatu Massif (Harghita County) on the left side of Olt river and in a close vicinity to Tusnad resort.

Saint Ana Lake

8.Bicaz Lake

Bicaz Lake (or Mountain Spring Lake) is located on the midstream outflow of Bistrita River, 4 km upstream from Bicaz town.

bicaz lake in Moldavian Area

9.Belis Lake

It was set in the period 1970-1974 with power purpose on the Warm Somes river. It has an area of 9.8 square kilometers and a length of 13 km, is located at an altitude of 990 m. There are a resort called Belis-Fantanele. Belis-Fantanele Lake is located in the western county of Cluj, in the northern part of the Apuseni Mountains, at the confluence of Gilau Mountains (East), Vlădeasa mountains (west) and Great Mountain (south).

Belis Lake

10.Lesu Lake

Lesu Lake is a lake located near the Lesu on Lesu Valley in the Apuseni Mountains Bihor.Is a reservoir with an area of 148 hectares, the water volume is 28.3 million cubic meters.

lesu lake

11.Techirghiol Lake

Techirghiol Lake is situated on Eforie Nord. It is a river-marine area of 10.68 km² with a separated from the sea by a lido and a maximum depth of 9 m. By helping small freshwater lagoon water has increased salt concentration at about 95 g / l. This has allowed the formation of a layer of therapeutic silt.




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