The second day in London: Pics, video and impressions from Thames Boat Trip

Everything about my Thames Boat Trip

It is unacceptable to visit London and not walk by boat on the Thames. During my stay in London, I did it in the second day. I left the location where we were staying (somewhere in Edgware) and i go to take a ticket for Thames Trip. I remember that one of the tickets point (and starting point in the same time) was located nearby London Bridge.




Impression from Thames Boat Trip

Nearly two million commuters (a number that rising fast) now travel to work on London’s River each year, using stylish catamarans with on-board coffee bars, airline-type seats and bicycle racks for those who pedal on from boat to office. These frequent scheduled services run up the River Thames from Woolwich (which has a free car ferry across the river to North Woolwich) to Waterloo and Chelsea Harbour and Embankment to Blackfriars. Taking both trips will allow the voyager to see the many famous sights along the river.




However, there are some 25 major piers and terminals along the London River, and commuter services are supplemented by a wide variety of tourist boats, most of which offer a running commentary on the sights and history of this vibrant capital city as the Thames weaves its way through the heart of historic London and the chosen journey unfolds. Some of these sightseeing services extend the distances that can be traveled on the river down to the Thames Flood Barrier and up to Kew (for the world-famous Kew Botanical Gardens) and Hampton Court (Henry VIII’s wonderfull palace).

Most tourists cruises concentrate on the central area, from Westminster Pier (close to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey), Waterloo Millennium Pier (for the London Eye and Soth Bank arts complex), Tower Pier (Tower of London) and Greenwich Pier (National Maritime Museum, Queen’s House, Old Royal Observatory and former Royal Naval College). It is possible to buy’ hop on, hop off’ River Rover tickets that permit travelers to disembark at any pier to explore, before resuming their tour. These are also valid for the Docklands Light Railway, to enhance a day’s exploration of the River Thames and its environs.


 A lot of sights on Thames Boat Trip

A ride on the riverside London Eye (more correctly the Millennium Wheel) for a bird’s eye view.



In the same time, the famous clock tower at the Palace of Westminster, housing the world’s largest four-face chiming clock – the tower is generally referred to as Big Ben, the name of its main bell.


Another important sight is London Bridge, the iconic bascule bridge that is reconized the world over as a symbol of London.


The tower of London, the beautifully preserved Norman (and later) complex beside the Thames that is one of the world’s major tourist attractions.

My Video with the Thames Boat Trip


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