The Mantario Trail

All that is good to know about the Mantario Trail

Located 150 km east of Winnipeg in Manitoba, The Mantario Trail has become a magnet for seasoned hikers, mountain bikers and skyers alike. Running along part of Canadian Shield, this most inviting of trails offers dramatic views at every turn. The landscape consists of imposing rocky outcrops, marshes, lakes, rivers, beaver dams and forest. The area is also replete with wildlife and muskrat, snapping turtles, black bear, coyote, and wolf are common. Look skywards and it is likely that you will see bald eagles or turkey vultures circling.

Impressions from Mantario Trail


A large portion of the 63 km trail is a dedicated Wilderness Zone, where hunting and motorized vehicles are forbidden. This gives the whole hiking experience a pedestrian feel in the best sense of the word, with only the sound of the wildlife, the wind through the trees and the sound of your step breaking the silence. Each stage of the hike takes you up along granite ridges, which offer wonderful panoramic views of lakes and gullies.


Variey is the watchword for this well maintained trail. Spruce, balsam, jack pine and white birch all thrive here, giving the forest a wonderfully diverse fell. Overseen by the Manitoba Naturalists Society, this is a perfect family hike. Campgrounds are plentiful and in good order and the huge variety of outdoor activities should keep all happy. The fact that vehicular access is confined to the north and south trail heads adds to the sense of being alone with nature. Once you have unloaded the car, it is just you, the landscape and the abundant flora and fauna.

Best highlights of The Mantario Trail

Here you can see the Caddy Lake- a gathering point for the wildlife and hikers alike. In the same time, you can Camping if you want in the backcountry near Mantario Lake. The spectacular fall colours of this splendidly diverse woodland, too.


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