Everything about Petra- the Siq, Jordan

September 16, 2016 seenplaces 1

Impressions from Petra In a previous article we spoke here about 8 places that you must see in and nearby Israel, one of them is Petra- The Siq. The Siq affords the most dramatic entrance into Petra. This deep narrow gone all but shutting out sunlight, twists almost imperceptibly downward untflj it abruptly opens […]

8 places that you must see in and nearby Israel

August 24, 2016 seenplaces 0

This tiny strip of land is holy to the world’s three great monotheistic religions with a corresponding wealth of history, monuments, ruins, and places of worship to discover. The region also offers extraordinary natural beauty and amazing contrasts, from the forested slopes of the Galilee, to Mediterranean white-sand beaches and […]