Pacific Crest Trail

December 16, 2016 seenplaces 0

About Pacific Crest Trail   Also known as the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail or simply PCT, this long-distance hiking route is only for the super-fit (and mightily determined!), although some make the going easier by taking to the saddle. The Trail stretches from the Mexican border up into Canada, […]

California State Route 1

December 14, 2016 seenplaces 1

About California State Route 1 Often called Highway 1, this classic West Coast road runs for 1,055 km (655 mi) along much of California’s beautiful Pacific shoreline. It starts in Orange County to the south and ends in Mendocino County to the north. Different sections have different names, including Pacific […]

Best journeys from Melbourne: The Great Ocean Road

October 10, 2016 seenplaces 0

Best journeys from Melbourne: the Great Ocean Road About The Great Ocean Road Australia is a wonderful country as we saw the previous post about the adventures Kuranda or about the Great Barrier Reef. But, that are easier to access if you’re based in Sydney or Bondy Beach. But if you […]