Holiday in Zakynthos (Part 1): The Beaches of Kalamaki

July 20, 2017 seenplaces 0

Again in Greece. This time in Zakynthos. We are located in the Kalamaki area, a place that owns some of the most beautiful beaches on this island. From the place where we are staying, the beach is about 200 meters away. The beach has extraordinary fine sand and clear waters. […]

Bangkok Street Food

December 5, 2016 seenplaces 0

Holiday in Bangkok: Try the Street Food Certainly, when you get into Bangkok, you will be attracted hundreds of thousands of “chefs” and their preparations taken to strolling minute. Of course, if you prefere clearly locals, you could frequent restaurants where prices are the same like in Bucharest. But nothing compares with the […]

Holiday in Cadiz: impressions, highlights and important tourist details

September 1, 2016 seenplaces 0

Impressions from Cadiz Glowing white in the intense southern light, Cádiz inspired the poet Lord Byron to praise its heavenly blue setting, gorgeous women and sensuous lifestyle. Nowadays it is one of Andalucia’s under-visited treasures. According to ancient chronicles, it was founded by the Phoenicians as Gadir (“Fortress”) in 1104 […]