Vouraikos Gorge Railway

June 20, 2017 seenplaces 0

Diakofto is a peaceful village on the Gulf of Corinth. It has a small beach and a background of steep mountains, olive groves and citrus orchards and it is the end of the remarkable Vouraikos Gorge Railway. This was built between 1889 and 1896 to transport ore from the Kalavryta […]

The Albanian Coast from Corfu

March 28, 2017 seenplaces 0

The southern Albanian coast is very close to Corfu and, since the 7th century BC when Greece established colonies in what was then Illyria, strong trade and cultural links have existed. Now regular short ferry and hydrofoil crossings from Corfu make it easy to reach Saranda and the remarkable UNESCO […]

Thrace, Greece: Impressions and travel details from my vacation

February 16, 2017 seenplaces 0

Thrace is mostly mountainous, and was first inhabited by Pelasgians, a race closely connected to the other Greek tribes. Thracians founded Eleusis in Attica and the mythical musicians Orpheus and Mousaios were from Thrace. In ancient times, Thrace stretched from Mt. Olympus in the south to the Danube in the […]

Vacation in Macedonia, Greece

February 15, 2017 seenplaces 0

Macedonia, the largest and northrnmost of the 9 Greek Provinces, is bounded on the north by Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Albania. It possesses great fertile plains, many large rivers like the Nestos, the Aliakmon, the Strymon and the Axios, and several lakes. While the climate along the coast is Mediterranean, further […]