Vacation in Macedonia, Greece

February 15, 2017 seenplaces 0

Macedonia, the largest and northrnmost of the 9 Greek Provinces, is bounded on the north by Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Albania. It possesses great fertile plains, many large rivers like the Nestos, the Aliakmon, the Strymon and the Axios, and several lakes. While the climate along the coast is Mediterranean, further […]

An incredible Journey: From Bushmills to Benone

January 21, 2017 seenplaces 0

From Bushmills to Benone   This well-marked coastal cycle journey officially begins at the famous Giant’s Causeway, just outside Bushmills in County Londonderry. The North Atlantic Coast section of the National Cycle Network Route 93 then runs beside the sea for some 32 km (20 mi) to Castlerock. Bushmills is […]

Korkula- An idyllic place on Dalmatian Coast

December 6, 2016 seenplaces 0

Everything about Korkula It’s easy to see why the explorer Marco Polo would have been drawn back* his native town Korcula (assuming, that is, that it really was his native torn,, matter of some debate). There is no doubting the beauty of the place, a mosm of terracotta rooftops encircled […]

Best 10 shops and markets in Andalucia

October 14, 2016 seenplaces 0

Shopping in Andalucia We spoke a lot about Andalucia on this site (about places to eat, about the best resorts in Costa del Sol, about the best 10 nightlife clubs in Costa Del Sol, even one top of the best beaches) but nothing yet about the best shops and markets in […]