My name is Laura, i am from London, and I want to share with you, the readers of Seen-Places, my impressions from vacation. I spent the last vacation in Seychelles, Mahe. Mahe is the capital of the islands.


Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean and is an archipelago which comprising 115 islands. As I said, i was staying in Mahe, the main island of archipelgo, that hosts the capital of all islands, named Victoria.  You can enjoy the true beauty of the island only if you explore it in a greater extent by the ocean, more than you could to do it  on land. Maha Beach area is extremely busy all the time. Always while doing beach, come individuals who offer their services to transport you to the islands by boat adiaciente to make snorkelling or scuba-diving. It should be mentioned that the majority of them is calling Michael or Michelle .. :)).

The most beautiful area, and also suitable for snorkelling, is the Seychelles National Park, that is located in Saint Anne. Here is an archipelago of several islands that are connected by a strip of land, which is visible during the reflux Indian Ocean.

Aside from scuba diving or snorkeling, the Seychelles (in particular, Mahe) attract and through another series of dynamic activities such as:

  • Rental car to give a full tour to observe the beauty of the island (the prices for renting cars are relatively decent, somewhere around 30 dollars a day, which is included in the price in case of accident insurance). Car rental companies on the island of Mahe are the ones we met in Belgium, Spain and Netherlands: Europcar, Avis and Herz. There is a place on the island is accessible by car, one of which once reached, one can admire the panorama over the port area.
  •  Also, every day you can get in contact with local cuisine diet of street food. Echoing eating in the street in            Bangkok, Seychelles and you can taste dishes made from local minutes that include various types of fish with       sauces picante- are downright delicious. Instead, the restaurants situated at the shores of the Indian Ocean,       you  can dinning  in romantic way.
  • Another interesting activity here  is the jet ski


The sunbathing in Seychelles

Anse à la Mouche is my recommendation for sunbathing. It is located in the south-west coast of Mahe. It is a wide beach with clear waters and quiet. Also, on this beach, the sand is very fine.


The Cuisine in Seychelles


Photo Gallery from Seychelles

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