Best beaches in Orosei Gulf

Sardinia’s beaches are magnificent. But we, we attached the Gulf of Orosei. and we saw them by boat, in a trip with the Imperatrice Travel.¬†Where the Gennargentu Mountains descend to the sea, the high of eastern Sardinia coast draws a large and curved profile, scene of the most beautiful and wild beaches of Sardinia: the Orosei Gulf. This stretch of coast is devoid of a coastal road, and this perhaps has protected a pristine environment where the sea is king, shaping the beaches and rocks, tinged with a turquoise landscape full of charm.



The celebrity of Cala Gonone has ancient origins, especially related to the geological features of these shores. For example, all have heard of the sea cow cave, famous karst cave where he lived, until a few decades ago, the monk seal. The visit to the cave is recommended, there are boats that leave from Cala Gonone and lead to the caves, unreachable by land, but on foot, along paths. Once inside the play of light, the reflections of the sea water on the vault of stalactites and stalagmites, they really take your breath away.



A little further south is rather Cala Luna (among the most beautiful beaches on the east coast), a small beach in size, but as a famous one of the most important of Sardinia. White limestone cliffs with sheer and full of caves, water that veering from light turquoise to deep blue off, the tranquility of being in the center of the Mediterranean, far from cars and smog.
Also Cala Luna is not accessible by car, if you’re brave the trek you can groped the walk up the steep trails, or entrust the boat service which is organized by Cala Gonone.



Another falls noteworthy is Cala Mariolu, famous for the contrast dell’arenile pebbly with candid colors with shades of turquoise clear waters of the bay. Further south lies Goloritz√®, also within walking distance, through steep paths, a popular beach especially for free climbing. Like a giant bell a rock tower, spire, 140 m high, of which 120 overhanging with a panorama from the top causing dismay for his dizzying beauty.


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