Santorini, the Pearl of Greece and the most expensive destination of the world

It’s almost 20 years since we first traveled to Greece. It is one of the most complex destinations near our country, which for us, the tourists, has become a kind of “our second country”.

Although she has so much to offer, Greece has made us aware of its reasonable destinations as prices, which we have always allowed, and wherever we have always come back satisfied and with one thought, to return.

One by one, I wrote here about the attractions of Greece, I described the islands by categories, Sporades, Cyclades, Dodecanese etc, but I haven’t written yet about the most expensive of them, Santorini.

I knew that Santorini and Mykonos were Greece’s creamy cream creams, but a surprising look changed my total vision of what we knew about the world’s holiday prices, especially those on the seafront.

How did this happen to me? Well, everyday I study destinations and prices on international holidays, reservations or rentals so that one day, from the curiosity that characterizes me, I wanted to make a top of the most romantic destinations in the world, perfect places For example, for a “honeymoon”, for a 2 out of some of the quests, more quiet places in general.

Of course, Santorini was in my mind the Greek choice among them, instead Mikonos no, it is noisy, it has nightclubs, music, a little chaos, which is why it unofficially bears the name “Ibiza Greece”.

But let’s go back to Santorini. For my information to be complete, I analyzed the prices for these destinations over a full year as well as the availability of rooms for all destinations in this top. However, the prices in Santorini remain stagnant, they are the biggest in the world, not to mention the availability of rooms, including in December some of the hotels being sold out. I said, I can not, it’s not real. What would be the logic of going to the New Year’s Cycle for example?

Well, there is a logic, as always, so in the following I intend to give you some details about it, of course that I hope will help you if you would like to spend your holiday here:


The Relief of Santorini Island- An impediment for a cheap vacation

Sanorini is a great destination, but so complex that you can make a big mistake by reserving something there without knowing everything about it.

First of all it is a biggest one, volcanic and mountainous island, has few sandy beaches, aspects of nature to limit your comfort to your own accommodation. And the Greeks know that. Well, the most important here are the white villas with “endless” swimming pools that look out to the sea from the heights of the mountains. In such a location, it is unlikely that you will often descend to the seashore. Here’s the beach, here’s eating and here’s sleeping. Where is the shock? This type of locations (and isn’t many like these), have prices for a week that can reach 7, 8000 euros without including the plane.

Prices in such locations reach 7, 8000 euros per week without taking into account flight, lunch or dinner and many of them are occupied even in December (attention! In December we found a sold out location at an approximate price of 3000 The most expensive of the lodgings are located in the village called Oia, in Akrotiri, Firostefani, Fira or Imerovigli and last but not least in Megalochori. You can admire the scenery of Santorini in all its splendor.

So, compared to Oia, even hotels in Monte Carlo, Hawaii, Dominica, Maldives or Thailand are prone to prices.


All or nothing- Why you cannot  go to the cheapest Santorini locations?

Well, is easy to find accommodation for your holidays about 600 or 700 euros in Santorini, but, you will not have the nature spectacle here. Many of these, due to the lack of sandy beaches, will provide you with an indoor pool, but not a spectacular one with a permanent view of the sea. In my opinion, Santorini is perhaps the most enchanting destination of the world, but it puts you in front of the accomplished fact of all or nothing.


Why Santorini is so spectacular?

Santorini (Thira) is what I call the spectacular and unique, made of the remains of a volcanic crater. Ferries go inside the flooded crater to reach Skala Thiras Harbor. Top of all is Thira. Up to the top is abbruch urcus, on the zig zag trail that goes from port to town, but there are always a lot of donkeys to rent who would wait to take you up, or have a variant of a cable car.

The name after which the island is also known among the Greeks, Thira, is also that of the capital. But the most expensive is Oia village, dramatically seated on the lip of the volcanic caldera, at the northern end of the island.

In Oia we make the most expensive holidays, basically this village has the most expensive accommodation locations in the world. It is one of the most beautiful places. From the endless pools you can admire the spectacle of nature in all its splendor.

The other end is Akrotiri with its surprisingly well-preserved vestiges of a Minoan town devastated by the massive volcanic eruption of 1625.

On the East Coast are the ruins of the Arkhea Thira (Thira Antica) site that dominates the sea.

Housed within and around the Santorini caldera, the few small islands are accessible by boats departing from Thira. The largest of these is Thirasia, which in the past is part of the main island. An earthquake, however, broke it from the rest. Like Santorini, it has volcanic, very fertile soil. Manolas is the harbor of this island, with places to eat as well as several rooms for rent.

The second island near Santorini is Nea Kameni, uninhabited and still volcanic.


Accommodation in Santorini- The highest prices I’ve ever seen

I took as a landmark a hypothetical vacation, 7 days during 03.07.2017-10. 07.2017 perriod to investigate the prices. Looking on we’ve  found rates in the most spectacular locations in Santorini even at the price of 27.900 euros. It’s Akrotiri Private Residence, a villa with a few bedrooms. Isn’t Surprisingly ?

Another villa with an impressive view is located in the area called Imerovigli. The villa called Iconic Santorini, and for the period mentioned above, has a price about 24.376 euros.


One thing is certain, if you want to have such views, the minimum price is about 3400 euros, Chic Hotel Santorini Villa.

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