Riviera day Train: From Genoa to Nice

About Riviera Day Train


The ancient city of Genoa in situated on the Ligurian Sea, on Italy’s northern coast, not far from the border with France. Tacking the train along the Italian and French Rivieras has been a classic journey every since the railway arrived in the late 1800s. Prior to that, the coastline was largely unknown to the wider world, but the railway brought an influx of foreign visitors, including European royality and artists who came for the climate, the lovely scenery and the clear, sharp quality of the light.

To best enjoy the trip, make sure you find a seat on the left side of the tram, an your view of the dazzling green-blue sea is unintterupted.  The windows on the right look out mainly at high walls and lines of drying laundry. The train is heavily used, by people going to work, school or college, as well as by day-trippers and mere serious travellers, and it stops at every little station along the way. From the windows you will see the gorgeous Mediterranean countryside, decked with flowering shrubs and palm trees swraying in the warm breeze. At Ventimiglia, close to the border, there’s an addictive Friday morning market, which many French people come to each week an easy jaunt as there are no border controls here.

Once in France, the famous towns of the Riviera come thick and fast, m an almost continuous line – gawp at Monte Carlo, home to the famous casinos and principal town of the tiny, sovereign state of Monaco, its harbour bursting with millionaires’ yachts. The train passes in and out of dark tunnels, making you blink each time you emerge into the golden sunlight. Look out for Eze, perched 400 m high above the sea, Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Villefranche and finally, Nice, the undisputed Queen of the Côte d’Azur.

The most beautiful places that you admire from Riviera Day Train

Genoa – historic centre, the largest in Europe.

The aquarium, the second largest in Europe.

Nice – the Cours Saleya Flower market and the Matisse Museum

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