My pictures gallery from Vienna (Part 1): The Hofburg Palace


Seen-Places’ stories arrive today in Vienna, reunited in a superb album. Thanks to our collaborators, I gathered and put together the most expressive images that capture faithfully the beauties of this city, rightly chosen last year as “the city with the best quality of life”. It is very true, few capitals in the world can be proud of the extent of the Modernist constructions with the gardens and greenery in Vienna. Although it was extremely difficult for us to decide which of the Viennese beauties to begin with, I said to give the Caesar what is the Caesar, so we will begin with the Hofburg Palace, the Habsburg family’s past residence. The Hofburg was originally built as a fortress by Otakar II Premsyl, the king of Bohemia, who ordered the construction to begin in 1275. But it is inseparable from the Habsburg House. In 1918, after Austria was defeated in the First World War, the rule of the Habsburg dynasty over Austria ended.

In this period of only 640 years, the Hofburg turned into a magnificent, heterogeneous residence, worthy of a former former multinational imperial center, and still remains one of the most important monuments of Austrian and Western history. The Vienna Congress was held in Hofburg, where the reorganization of Europe took place; Here are preserved the precious symbols of the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation. Here, Maria Tereza and Sisi lived, led by Ludwig Van Beethoven and Johann Strauss, Antonio Salierisau Anton Bruckner. Since 1948, the Hofburg is also the home of the Viennese Choir and, since 1562, the Lipizzaner horses.

Almost every leader continued to expand the Hofburg, becoming over the years an extremely complex construction.

Photo gallery from outside

The trains drawn by the Lipizzaner horses in front of the Hofburg Palace are in keeping with Austria’s tradition and history

The tourists traveling through the Imperial Palace in Lipizzaner horse-drawn carriages

Hofburg Palace in all its splendor

The statue of Francis I dressed in  Roman Emperor is situated right in front of the Hofburg Palace


A lot of visitors flock every day to visit inside the imposing Palace in Vienna Hofburg


Inside the Hofburg Palace





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