Up on Pfander Bregenz Mountain, the place from you can look at 3 countries

The inhabitants of Vorarlberg have a special adoration for Pfander, the mountain offering a unique view of Lake Constance – Bodensee and 240 Austrian Alpine peaks. Furthermore, three countries can be seen here: Austria, Germany and Switzerland. All of this, alongside fabulous nature, offers visitors an unforgettable experience, along with many endorphins. That if they choose at least part of the way (ascending or descending) to do it on their own feet.

That’s why the cable car ride is great, so in my article today I’m telling you my experience and I show you how you can, very simply, make this route, which is a beautiful experience for the whole family. And so simple: on the Pfanderbahn – the cable car to Pfander, you can also check the weather and see the live webcam with a wonderful panorama.

By cable car on the Pfander Bregenz mountain

After a leisurely breakfast, I headed for Pfander. The weather was gloomy, I was expecting to rain from minute to minute. However, we enjoyed the climb and especially the incredible view he offers, which has totally snatched us many exclamations.

When I got up, as the coffee beams, it grew dark and I could admire the fresh greenery, the alpine park, the wild peaks.


Pfänder alpine natural park

It is an extraordinary attraction for families with children in particular: In a 30-minute hike, accompanied by a teacher in nature science, you will learn about fauna, flora and you will be able to admire mouflons, marmots. deer, deer, wild boar, ibex goats.

Children love the ditch with dwarf goats, Vietnamese dwarf pigs and rabbits. At the same time, in the immediate vicinity of the Alpine Park there is a playground with many facilities, climbing facilities, swings and the smartest slopes in Vorarlberg.

Once you get upstairs, you have several choices:

  • Do a bit of fun in the alpine natural park – 30 minutes
  • Take a downhill walk along Hintermoos (one hour and a quarter) or Fluh – an hour and three quarters, the one we went.
  • Hiking in which you learn to make cheese – a trip made on demand, takes about 5 hours.
  • Hiking 3 * 1000 meters, Pfänder (1064), the highest mountain (1069) and the deer mountain (1095), about 5 hours, the highway marked.
  • Hike to Scheidegg, about 3 and a half hours.


Caution for bookmarks:

Routes: light yellow with light paths, for beginners, with red intermediaries and heavy blue routes, recommended for mountaineers


The cable car program to Mount Pfander

  • The cable car to Mount Pfander runs between 8:00 and 19:00, half and half.
  • If there are more than 10 people the cable car works and every 15 minutes.
  • To carry up to 80 people, the cable car operates every 6 minutes on request.
  • There are facilities for handicapped people, with ramps for wheelchairs, but also for baby and bicycle strollers.
  • The dogs are transported free of charge, requiring a leash in both the cable car and the mountain.

A cable car trip to Mount Pfander takes 6 minutes.


Cable car prices

A round trip for adults: 12.50 euros

Return or return journey: € 7.40

Children: € 6.40 and € 3.50 (return and only one sense)

Low prices: young (16-19 years) old and family, more informations accesing that link.


We walk to Bregenz on the Fluh route

It caught the rain a few times, but fortunately it was splashing, not a heavy rain. Nature has enchanted us, so did the sound of the distant thorns. Being my first outspoken nature in Austria, I had to pinch myself a few times, realize that these images are really good, as they appear in the advertising posters and something extra: the freak of the forest and the exquisite freshness.

Many people in Vorarlberg, including our hosts, do this hiking every day, usually climbing and downhill by cable car. What a great exercise!

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