Oslo, the pearl of Norway: Impressions, pictures, highlights and important travel details from holiday

Impressions from Oslo

I want tos tart by saying something so important about this town and about Norwegians: be demonetized myth that northern states are inhabited by “colder”people , like the climate from here. Isn’t true. Indeed, you will not find those inhabitants of southern European Continent to present every step of the “joie-de-vivre” that I met in Italy, Spain, or Greece etc., but nevertheless, Norwegians can most peaceful and welcoming people that I met. Despite the cold weather outside, you see them dressed in style (in leather jackets just taken over a shirt and a scarf firm) as I sit and watch from the North Sea tersaele downtown. Their education is complete: guiding you know, are multilingual, you can trust any of them. I love nature, and I love her like their ancestors the Vikings. Do not close their “peasant” balconies of apartments which are in most cases decorated with trees and other plants. The balcony for Norwegian is holy: ‘no matter the temperature outside, you see them constantly neighborhoods, husband and wife, sipping coffee on the balcony smiling … people are a model for everyone. Nature did not fast favorable, perhaps because of that and have warmed highways, which poses no speck of snow. They have made once … and forever.


They have oil resources, but they don’t want to use them. So, they have developed the most advanced production lines of the current resource base regenrabile. Uses fjords and get hydro electricity, cheap and clean. Do not go in general (even if they have full accounts) with high power machines, and this all because of education. In the building where I stood, my weekly “free fall” under the door, Magazine Science and Engineering which tells every other number and other engineering achievements of the Norwegian people. Almost the entire magazine is all about wind, hydro and waste-based. In one of the numbers I saw one of their achievements: impanzirea with wind North Sea.


How to get in Oslo?

First time I’ve visited Oslo, there were few flight. In fact, there was only one: With TAROM Flying Company from Otopeni to Amsterdam Schiphol. After a stop for just an hour, when I had to move quickly to Schiphol Airport has 4 terminals with 100 points out, I was coming to Oslo. Point of arrival Gardermoen Airport. And variants are now cheaper by low-cost airlines. One would be to leave the Bucharest Airport Torp, which is at a distance of about 200 kilometers from Oslo. From here you can take the train or you can opt for alternative bus. The latter seemed to me in May ok for the price: about 25, 30 euros to Oslo.

But if you get in Gardermoen, you should know that the airport is located about 50 km from the city. In this case, the handiest is the express train. Go with a speed of 300 km per hour, so after you go through you get Lillestrom in Oslo. We advise you to get off at the last station, downtown or the Oslo Centralstation. It’s incredible to see how the train once it gets closer to Oslo, enter the underground and let in just two, three minutes in the center. From here, take the elevator two floors and wake up actually in focus, which is across the street and a representative of Helly Hansen Peppes Pizza.

Important details about Oslo

Once you get in the box, looking for tourist information point which is right at the “surface”. Hence we advise you to acquire your subscription transportation. After you pay about 30 euros per one week, you will see that almost all types locomotion included: bus, subway and chiar..vapor. Subscription of public transport in Oslo, includes travel by boat or ferry to the islands in Oslo Fjord, pertaining to the municipality. You can opt for day trips.

Best highlights of Oslo

Oslo city center


Oslo- The Harbour


Oslo City Hall


Oslo Opera


Oslo fjord Islands


Subscription of public transport in Oslo, I talked about in a previous post, includes travel by boat or ferry to the islands in Oslo Fjord, pertaining to municipality.

Ferry lines at City Hall Pier 4
Line B1: Hovedøya> Bleikøya> Gressholmen> Lindøya ØST> West Lindøya> Nakholmen> Hovedøya (all year)
Line B2: Hovedøya> West Lindøya> Nakholmen> Hovedøya (June to August)
Line B3: Hovedøya> Bleikøya> Gressholmen> Lindøya ØST> Hovedøya (June to August)
Line B4: Gressholmen> Langøyene> Gressholmen (May to Septemb


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