Nosy Be: Spend your Honeymoon in the middle of Mitsio Archipelago, Madagascar

In the Mitsio archipelago, which surrounds Nosy Be, the famous “scented island” on the northwestern coast of Madagascar, a Robinson Crusoe-style holiday is waiting for you, but very refined. While Nosy Be, with coconut plantations and ylang-ylang, has a colonial atmosphere, its smaller “sisters” are in the bosom of nature, populated by fishing communities.


Cinnamon and cocoa, vanilla and coffee, frangipani (Plumeria rubra) and pepper. And above all, ylang-ylang, whose yellow flowers extract the aphrodisiac essence that has contributed to the enormous success of Chanel No 5 perfume. This blend of odors fills the air and causes them a pleasant and intense sensation of dizziness Who go to Nosy Be, the “scented island” of Mozambique, close to the northwestern end of Madagascar. Although its name in Malagasy means “big island,” it is actually a small but blessed paradise with a year-round temperature of 20 ° to 30 ° C and a permanent breeze that attenuates tropical humidity.

The relief is so varied in Nosy Be that the island looks like a miniature Madagascar with sugar cane and coffee plantations, gardens full of scented flowers and spices, bordered by tall basalt mountains, magnificent forests and magnificent beaches with palm trees and baobabs. Here, the sea really carries all blue, aquamarine and cobalt shades. Nosy Beveste and the richest and most European province of Madagascar, as shown by the buildings of the most important and colorful Andoany city (which the locals insist to designate by its French name, Hell-Ville), as well as the numerous (Maybe even too many) beaches that are overwhelmed by tourists. However, the atmosphere and aromas of Nosy Be are inseparable from the constellation of neighboring islands, from the nearest Nosy Komba, where you can go to a monoxyl through a dense forest populated by lively lemurs to the Mitsio Islands archipelago , Splendid and above, and under water thanks to multicolored fish reefs.


Of the latter islands, Tsarabanjina – considered sacred because there is the tomb of Sakalava, the legendary King of the Mitsio Islands, to which the local fishermen bring to them honey, fruit and rum – is the resort of the same name, which, with 25 Of stunning villas exclusively covered with straw and overlooking the sea, has somewhat raised the standard of an all-inclusive holiday. In addition to five-star hospitality – including an impressive list of wines and champagne – it offers snorkeling and diving equipment, a tour with a naturalist to discover the land and marine animals on the island (here was discovered the smallest species Chameleon in the world) and catamarans to explore the splendid Les Quatre Frères atoll nearby. And, of course, a magical ambiance of flowers and a sickening sensuality.

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