Mini Guide Bregenzerwald Vorarlberg Austria and what we visit in two days

Bregenzerwald Vorarlberg Austria 2

When I think of Bregenzerwald – the Bregenz forest, they see mountains, forests, pastures, small villages, fairy tales, and a region where cogs are in power: they are more than 30,000. Through this small alpine paradise you can go for hours, not to see the scream of man, but to meet the cloves all the way. Or to hear the sound of the talanges coming from the valleys of an unreal green. The air is very fresh and everything urges you to spend as much time as possible in nature. It’s where you come to understand traditional Vorarlberg.


Mini guide Bregenzerwald Vorarlberg Austria

In Bregenzerwald I have learned about traditional innovation with a very strong modern touch. About returning to the old, but reinterpreted crafts. Here everything is old and we are all. Starting from houses: they look like hundreds of years ago, however, the interior is modern. Sometimes ultra modern.

Factories used in factories are state-of-the-art. Ingredients used for any culinary, or cosmetic, are all of the highest quality. Pensions also have the newest facilities, but everything is integrated into the pattern of the area and wood is used everywhere. A lot of wood.

                                                Bregenzerwald Vorarlberg Austria



About Bregenzerwald

Bregenzerwald is one of the six regions in Vorarlberg, Austria, the state bordering Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, on the shores of Lake Constance.

The region is also known for Alpine transhumance on three levels. It is on the waiting list to be included in UNESCO for the fact that Bregenzerwald – the Bregenz Forest has an impressive alpine landscape, where the traditional farming structure is widely maintained.

Arhitecture in Bregenzerwald

The mixture of tradition and modernity is seen in architecture – which the locals are very proud of – and in crafts. Bus stops, schools, hotels, hostels, shops are all made with a lot of wood, with innovation and minimalist, modern.

There are villages with households dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, and there are many craft workshops alongside the farmers community.

The Thal, Schwarzenberg and Schoppernau villages have many original houses, typical of the Bergen Forest, the so-called “Wälderhäuser”.

Elegance and energy efficiency at the same time: eco energy is widely used for heating and hot water: see solar panels and photovoltaic equipment.

Do not be fooled by the exteriors of the houses: everything inside is perfect, new, immaculate, modern, functional. In any house, in any hamlet.

Schwartzenberg –for arhitecture

The architecture of Vorarlberg is probably best represented in the village of Schwartzenberg. Here is also the biggest Schubert festival in the world: Schubertiade.

The Schwartzenberg people are also renowned for being very well-off, there is even a saying among the inhabitants of Vorarlberg, there are women, there are men and there are people from Schwartzenberg.

         Schwarzenberg Bregenzerwald Vorarlberg – Typical house in the Bregenz Forest region
Schwarzenberg Bregenzerwald Vorarlberg – Typical house in the Bregenz Forest region

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