Messina: Impressions, Picture Gallery and Important Details from the”city of winds”

Impressions from Messina

My name is Paul and I want to share with you the experiences of Messina-Sicily. I spent a week in Messina with one of my friends. Sicily is a place that does not resemble the regions of the North. Here, I can say that things suffer a bit in organizational terms, but the landscapes of this area are incredible. When I set foot in Catania and then in Messina, I realized that Sicily is a peculiar realm, and not just because it is an island separate from the rest of Continental Italy, but mostly because of centuries of experience Historical and cultural differences. The Italians here are quite different from those in the North. Yet, it is an extremely important part of the country – the German writer Goethe notes that “seeing Italy without seeing Sicily is like not seeing Italy at all, because Sicily is the key to the whole country.” In the past, Sicily was the navel of a world known to Europeans. The largest island in the Mediterranean (Sardinia, being the second), Sicily is at the intersection of Africa and Europe, being the paradise of merchants and invaders alike. Initially, the island belonged to the ancient tribes of Siculo and Sicano, from where its name comes from. Over time this island attracted the Romans, Carthaginians, Vandals, Spaniards, Byzantines, French or Burbonians – even the English.

The Strait of Messina



How did I get to Messina

We arrived in Messina with a Wizz Air flight on Bucharest Otopeni – Catania Airport. After a two-hour flight from Catania we took the bus to Messina Centrale. I understand there are two or even three buses a day that make races from Catania Airport to Messina. The cost for a ticket was about 8-10 euros if I remember well.

Messina Court


Best beaches in Messina


If you ever propose to spend your vacation at Messina, you have to know from the start that the way to the beach is somewhat tedious. The city has a population of several tens of thousands of inhabitants, but it is scattered around the mountains that surround the harbor. Thus, in most cases the distances to the beaches around the city are quite large. Another problem is that Messina is seated at the confluence of three large areas: the Sea of Tirenia, the Ionian Sea and the Confluence of the two, which lie between Continental Italy and Sicilian Island. The beaches of the Ionian Sea that belong to the municipality of Messina are somewhat unfamiliar. People in the city prefer the beaches of the Tirenia Sea, located in the area known by the Italians as Farro. Now, we do not have to understand that the Ionian Sea must be avoided. Moreover, if you go by bus or train to Taormina-Giardini Naxos, you will see things change.

Farro Beach Messina



The Farro area can be reached from the downtown by tram, which costs 2 euros per segment. The Farro area is a few kilometers long. Here you will find shops where you can buy drinks or cigarettes, or you can choose to have lunch at one of the dozens of restaurants in the seafront area.



Sights of Messina


Messina Harbor

The port of Messina is as crowded as it is. It is the place where all the ships that connect between Continental Italy and Sicily transit through. It is crowded at the North Railway Station. From this station you can take the ferry to Continental Italy at a price of 10 euros for a returning person to Villa San Giovani, the nearest town belonging to the continental region of Calabria. Here is a small and nice beach resort, called Scilla.

Messina Strait and the Harbor

Messina Harbor

Cruises Boats in Messina Harbor

 Messina Harbor


 Cathedral of Messina

Sanctuaty of Madonna di Montalto

University of Messina

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