Liverpool: Chronicle of a successful city break

Liverpool is at the heart of the Beatles, a relationship that delivers mentally the form of intimacy en cuanto pronunciamos su nombre. Aunque su de coloquial form también está ligada al equipo de fútbol de nombre homónimo. Pero and bien estas relaciones son ciertas, nuestro viaje en la primavera de 2017 nos ha servido para descubrir ou mos de esta ciudad y no quedarnos en los habituales tópicos. At Liverpool’s livelihood of Condado de Merseyside, he mourns Inglaterra. One villa, which is located above the estuary, is a ligation of grace, and the potential of the marathon. Punto pionero de la innovación durante siglos, aquí se construyeron los primeros túneles ferroviarios del mundo en el siglo XIX. Y también part of a las épocas de mayor vergüenza história con la tratata de negros y el comercio de esclavos, which is one of the main reasons for the riverside of Liverpool en aquellos tiempos. As a result, Liverpool has a large share of offerings with a record. Aprender de las cosas que se hicieron bien, aso como no olvidar y caer de nuevo en los errores de tiempos remotos. In the current situation, it is one of the most important plans for regeneration at the site, which is a major challenge for the national economy and the national level . The heart of the city, Liverpool is an ideal ideal for a fine escapade.


The flight to Liverpool

The British Isles usually have good combinations to fly to their major cities. Fortunately Spanish airports with more activity have direct flights to Liverpool, and in particular ours, in Malaga, has them. The escape to Liverpool came very casually. We learned of the existence of concerts that were being performed by some European cities on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone with live symphony orchestra. The plan sounded appetizing and soon we set out to look at the different destinations. After a brief review we found that Liverpool was one of the cities chosen and the excuse was perfect to continue touring the United Kingdom in this short break.

Finally the price for two people on the flights was 145 euros, a great price keeping in mind that we barely booked them a month in advance. We would fly with Ryanair and this time the new deadlines for online check in and free booking of seats with this airline would be no impediment whatsoever. As we would only be 2 nights in Liverpool and that way we could print both the idea and the return. On this occasion the cabin luggage allowed per passenger consisting of a hand bag whose weight does not exceed 10 kg, with maximum dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm, and 1 small bag no larger than 35 x 20 x 20 cm would not pose major inconveniences. Accustomed to traveling normally at Christmas, doing it in the spring and being able to wear lighter clothes came more than enough. Of course, when making the billing without reservation of seat, we were assigned separate seats, but for a flight of only 3 hours, neither was more inconvenience. Better than paying the 6 euros per seat proposed by Ryanair. Interestingly among the 20 busiest routes to Liverpool Airport in 2016, the Malaga – Liverpool connection is the fifth with the most passenger volume and of that twenty, no fewer than 6 are with Spanish destinations.


Accommodation in Liverpool

The city of Liverpool is quite picky, most of its points of interest are developed between its port (Albert Dock) and the train stations of Liverpool Central and Liverpool Lime Street. Therefore, when it comes to booking the main thing is to find a lodging that is in that perimeter and suits our budget. With the change from pounds to euros the average price per night in Liverpool can be around 70 euros. As is normal, we can find much cheaper bets in shared rooms or even apartments. But in general prices move around that figure.


In our case, we have again fallen into the clutches of the Ibis hotel chain. In a brief review we meet the ibis Styles Liverpool Center Dale Street Hotel. The price for two nights would be 138 euros, which would mean 69 euros per night. An ideal price for a design hotel set in The Beatles, which also included breakfast. Located to the north of the mythical Cavern Club and a few minutes walk from St. John’s Gardens, one of the points of reference of the cultural offer in Liverpool. As always, in a future entry we will detail this hotel in an exclusive entrance.


Transport and travel planning to Liverpool

Walking Liverpool is tremendously comfortable. Saving the legendary football stadiums of the Premier as well as some key points within the history of The Beatles, everything can be seen without problems walking. Even the distance between Liverpool airport and the city center is only about 14 kilometers. Even Liverpool-John Lennon airport does not reach the trains. The nearest train station to the airport is Liverpool South Parkway about 5 kilometers. So the options we have are the bus and the taxi. The price for a tour of about 20 minutes by taxi is around 18 pounds (about 22 euros). While the supply of public buses is quite extensive. The company Arriva has many services, but certainly the most recommended to get to the center is the bus Airlink 500 (ticket price 2.30 pounds). In about 35 minutes we will arrive to Liverpool One Bus Station, next to Albert Dock and to the center of Liverpool. In this case it has two departures every half an hour, with an intermediate stop at the Liverpool South Parkway train station. Although we can also take buses 80A, 82A and 86A that make this route in more time than the line 500, but they leave every 15 minutes (ticket price 2.10 pounds) If we want to consult schedules and routes: Web Arriva


The wreck of a single bus ticket is around 2.10 pounds. It also depends on the areas to cross. There are tickets for a whole week, a month or year. Obviously they are much cheaper than buying a loose one. In addition there is also the Saveaway, a card that gives us the opportunity to use local trains and buses for a day and whose prices depends on the areas that we need. Including in this card the Mersey Ferries Direct Service, besides the service Explorer to travel between Liverpool and Wirral. For information on rates and schedules visit: Merseytravel. While we are interested in the Saveaway bonus, visit their website. This card can be purchased at PayPoint stores or at Merseytravel Center. While the paper version of the Saveaway ticket can be obtained at any Merseyrail train station. But as you will see in later entries, transport in Liverpool on a short trip will not be much needed to use, saving for very specific cases of travelers.

When planning our visit to Liverpool, we can divide the areas of the British city into several areas. On one side we find Albert Dock with all its cultural and leisure offer. On the other hand Button Street, heart of the Beatles route full of pubs and good atmosphere and next to Liverpool One, an area full of shop and restaurants of recent opening. Finally between St. John’s Gardens, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral and Liverpool Cathedral, we created a triangle that includes museums, important cultural offerings and some of the most representative buildings and monuments of the city. With these 3 areas we will have seen the main points of interest of Liverpool. As additions and especially for fans, it is worth mentioning the visit to Stanley Park where are the football stadiums of Liverpool and Everton. As well as Sefton Park, where in the vicinity we find many places to visit from the history of The Beatles. Liverpool is a city that can be visited in two days quite comfortably, although if we have an extra day we will see it more comfortably and we can even consider making a getaway to Chester or Manchester. In our case we only had two days, so we focused on getting to know Liverpool in peace. This time in addition to the VisitBritain website to find information about the city, we have also used the guide London, Liverpool and Manchester of the publishing house Anaya Touring. We were not able to take advantage of the end of Roaming in Europe as of June 15, 2017, so we use the GPS with maps of Google Maps offline to move around the city. However there are lots of wifi networks available throughout the city, especially in the most tourist spots. In many of them we just have to register and we can enjoy internet totally free. Especially useful will remain these points of connection for citizens who visit the city and reside outside the 28 countries of the European Union or associates that fall within this new policy of free roaming.


As a final note to take into account before traveling to Liverpool I leave these tips:

  • The documentation needed to enter the UK today is not very demanding for EU members. For Spanish citizens, neither a visa nor a passport is required. Simply with the DNI we will be able to access the country. This also benefits the countries of the European Union, the European Economic Area and the EEA countries. And a large number of countries can carry out visa-free stays of less than 90 days, especially from the Americas. For any doubt it is best to ask the British embassy: British Embassy Madrid.
  • Of course the official language is English. Being a tourist city we will find, especially in the services sector, some workers who speak Spanish, but it will not be the general rule. Most museums and buildings of interest have some kind of documentation in several languages, usually including Spanish. The audio guides in the most representative visits of the city have Spanish among the languages to select and have a very high quality, making it essential in many cases to enjoy the experience.
  • The currency is the British pound sterling with a mean change in 2017 (to date) of 1 pound equals approximately 1.15 euros. Obviously being a currency significantly stronger in terms of change than the euro or the dollar, it causes prices to become more expensive when it comes to converting. As is normal also, we must have the commission that we use our credit / debit card. There are many money exchangers in the center of Liverpool to bring some cash. At the airport it is more advisable to use ATMs than the exchange houses themselves. Likewise, saving perhaps when using the buses or in a street stall, the use of plastic money is very widespread and practically it is not necessary to change money to the local currency, unless the commissions of our card are excessive.
  • Liverpool is a well signposted city, we just use GPS to move. With having a little clear the layout of its main neighborhoods and points of interest, there will be no problem to guide us. There are informational panels that mark the distance in miles and in minutes to get on foot throughout the city.


National holidays are:

New Year’s Day: January 1
Good Friday and Easter Monday in: March / April.
Early May bank holiday: first Monday in May.
Spring Bank holiday: last Monday in May.
Summer bank holiday: last Monday in August.
Christmas: December 25
Boxing Day: December 26
And with these basic background considerations on the visit, we close this main Chronicle of the trip to Liverpool in the spring of 2017. In the coming weeks we will be adding entries with the respective chapters of the places we visited during the two days we were in the city British. In addition we will include exclusive chapters on Liverpool airport, our accommodation, as well as the usual conclusions the balance of expenses which will include a video summary of the experience.



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