Life is a beach …. Sousse, Tunisia

Long life, noisiness, youth, tradition, novelty, that meant for me and my girlfriend walking to the beach in Sousse. In a nutshell we liked it but I do not know if it is for all tastes – I’m sure it’s not.

10 km of fine sand

So we get to Sousse and the first thing after we left the luggage and we changed was to go and eat at the beach! The beach is sandy, stretches over more than 10 km, in private, in front of big hotels, but most public. However, the majority with beds, but low costs, like 1,2 euro / day.


Is like a “little India”

I said that on the holiday in Sousse I laughed like never before. And that’s all, it all seemed strange, beautiful and even more shocking things I watched through pink glasses, we embraced how the English culture would say local culture and we enjoyed it.
And here we have to rejoice: dozens of vendors all venture to the beach – that’s our way, we felt more at home – that is, what did we fly to get to Eforie? But something-something was different: the pancakes 🙂


Plus the multitude of young people, the population is younger here than at us, non stop at the seashore young people were caught in all sorts of games and activities, ping pong without tab, football, volleyball, all you could think of. Blessing 0, everything was enjoyed to its fullest, maybe the shorts lead to the appreciation of everything that is simple and accessible.

                                                                               Sousse Beach
                                                                  Sousse Beach- Tunisia 2
                                                              Sousse Beach- Tunisia 3
                                                                  Sousse Beach- Tunisia 4


Also on the beach in Sousse – Burkini and other outfits

The many women covered, but not all of Tunisia, where the clothing code was more relaxed, come from other Arab countries. Here we saw ladies in burquins, Muslim bathing suits – that is, long sleeves and long pants, some even with long dresses in the water. Some of them were light, very beautiful, others were the poorest, probably more modest and cumbersome, but that did not prevent them from enjoying the bath, or so it seemed to us.
Western European elderly men with Tunisian youth, or other forms of sex tourism – that at the private beaches we saw.
Very well-worked teenagers and young Tunisians were playing constantly, some were doing some kind of guts, but they were gymnasts.
In the evening everyone comes here, whole families at the promenade or just walking, on the cliff, admiring people, all the city goes out on the cliff.

                                                        Burkini and other outfits 1
                                                          Burkini and other outfits 2


Attention to personal things

We have heard, it has not happened to us, but it is obvious that you need to be careful about personal things, not to leave them unsupervised even, or especially to the luxury private beaches – I have read complaints that valuable items have disappeared near the deck chairs and that the suspicion is on the club staff, but the thief is caught! Or small, other fools are falling victim to tourists, we think we are ready to cope.

It keeps me pleasant memories of this holiday, and so of the beach, and although I will not deny that it is much more relaxing on the beach on an island like Culatra, Armona or Farol in southern Portugal, where you can even go completely on one ear, each place has something special, it is up to each to choose how much he wants to experiment, according to his preferences :).

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