Krambousa Island Thassos – holiday in the middle of emerald waters

The island of Thassos is recognized for the emerald color of the water. And for the rich vegetation, Thassos is one of the most green Greek islands. But there is a place where the water is crystal clear, pure and pure emerald: near the little island of Krabousa, where is also the church of St. Daniel. And for everything to be perfect, there is also a small, small, isolated beach, a true paradise.

Krambousa is small, small, and  very close to the coast of Thassos

Vis a vis to the island of Krambousa there is a “beach of two” as Alexandra, a sympathetic girl who was also on the cruise with the Zeus ship in Golden Beach. I told you about the Thassos Corners and especially about what is seen in each and what is included in a separate article.

Krambousa Island

St. Daniel of Thassos (celebrated on September 12) lived on the little island near the famous resorts of Skala Potamia and Golden Beach. Born in Thassos around 813, he founded a monastery here, followed by disciples, and St. John the Great lived here for a period of time.

On the small island of only 250 meters is the church of St. Daniel, dating back to 1993. There is a path on the island with stairs, visible from the small pontoon at the foot of the church. From the top of the church there is a small carriageway, a mini-hiking trail where you can reach a small altar, placed on the place where the old church.

             Krambousa Island Thassos and the small beach near the big island


The water is deep and very clear

                                     The Church of Saint Daniel in Karambousa Island


                                                       Emerald waters of Krambousa


                                                                      Agios Daniel Church


                                                        Krambousa Emerald Waters 2


The siren’ beach Krambousa

We have reached the small beach that is just a dream of the island of Krambousa once with the boat and once swimming. I would return to this place with a smaller boat, it is a spactakulos relief, and the feeling you have when you step on the unspoiled beach.

On the shore, there are slippery stones, but without sea hedge, and on the beach is fine, fine sand. And of course, different stones, vegetation and the mountain. I do not think you can get here in any other way with boats, that way, there is no place to bring it to shore. Perhaps the wild nature has had the primary role for which this little corner of heaven has remained intact, having a primordial beauty.

                                                         Siren Beach Krambousa


                                                            Siren’ Beach Krambousa


And for everything to be perfect, I write this article from a small house in Theologos, a traditional village splendid in the heart of Thassos. I come back with details!





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