Kornati National Park: Pictures, Features and important details

Perhaps the writer George Bernard Shaw summed it up best when hem “On the last day of the Creation, God desired to crown his work, andthus‘ created the Kornati Islands…” There is nothing in Europe quite like this necklace of 89 starkly beautiful islands, gleaming white against the deep blue of the Adriatic. Designated a national park in 1980, they are sparse populated, as few people have been successful in eking out any kind of fa on these rocky strips of land. Today, the Kornati Islands are popular with is trippers, sailors and stressed-out city dwellers looking to get away from it .

Best 10 Features of Kornati National Park


Murter harbourn is the main starting point on the mainland for tips into the National Park Many ex-islanders (the Kornatari) , whose families bought land on the islands for grazing their livestock during the 19 th century, have now settlesd in Murter.

2. Sailing

A variety of companies, both Croatian and foreign, run days trips from Murter, Zadar, Sibenik and even Trogir to the Kornati. The sailing to Kornati National Park is practically magica, and it isn’t

very expensive. (Depending on the departing point).

3.Island Getaways

Visitors can live like Robinson Crusoe by hiring a stone cottage on an island. Without any electricity or running water, their only human contact will be the supply boat that drops by every few days.

4. Kornat

The largest island in the National Park , Kornat, is just 25 kilometers long and 2.5 kilometers wide. Sprinkled among its old stone houses are a few decent restaurants, a 6th – century Vyzantine lookout tower and a small church.

5. Seafood restaurantas

In the summer, a number of enterprising locals turn their old stone houses, many of which have small jetties, into restaurants. They offer first-rate, fresh, simply presented seafood to passing sailors.

6. Piskera

Another island with a discernible Roman legacy is Piskera. There was once a substantial village here, though all that remains these days is the ruined shell of this settlement and an old church. The marina on Piskera is the most developed in the islands.

7. Wildlife

Attempts at exploiting the limited natural resources of the islans may appear to have stripped them of all wildlife. Yet they are home to over 300 plant varieties and a similar number of animal species, including wild sheep.

8. Katina

At the northern tip of this island, the Mala Proversa waterway separates the Kornatis frum Dugi Otok. In the middle of this channellie remains of an ancient villa, dating back to a time when the islands were a fashionable holiday resort for wealthy Romans.

9. Lavsa

Its a good choice of sheltered, sandy coves make Lavsa a popular destination with the yachting fraternity. There they can stop off and idle away an afternoon, swimming and basking in the sunshine.

10. Mana

Mana is the best known for three things: its flora, its ruined villages and its wilderness.

What you should know:

  1. The grocery store near ACI Piskera marina on the Penitula Vela islet is one of the few places where you can buy food and drinks out of the season.
  2. Kornati Islands Orientation- The Kornati Islands National Park is located aproximately seven nautical miles west of Murter and around 15 nautical miles from Zadar and Sibenik. In the summer, boats authorized to take tourists into the park line the waterfronts of thsese three towns. If you are thinking of booking a day trip, ask to see a man first to ensure that he is authorized.

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