Kavala in my eyes. Top 5 attractions and real photos from the greek”Monte Carlo”

One month ago, i spent a week in the “Greek Monte Carlo”, Kavala. It is the second largest city in the Macedonia region – part of the Northern Greece, after the city of Thessaloniki. It is called the “Greek Monte Carlo” due to its buildings and the sea view. Here, all the buildings are in the ” sea view” logic: residential towers, hotels, restaurants, taverns and terraces. In the same time is an affluent town with a large and beautiful harbour.

Top 5 attractions in Kavala

1. The Harbour of Kavala

The town has one of the most beautiful harbour from the Grek Cities, although not easy to assert that. Here you have an impressive panoramic view at 360 degrees which allows you to catch the harmony of the whole city. The whole town is organized around Kavala Gulf, as well as an amphitheater, so you do not want, your eyes are turning to the sea. Everything becomes more complete look at the sea horizon where appear the Thassos Island. Magnificent!

2. The double colour of the sea in Kavala

In the city, the Aegean sea water can be captured in two colors: blue in the harbor and city-center area and blue-green in the proximity Suleyman The Magnificent’ Aqueduct.

3. Nearby Islands

The Port of Kavala  provides multiple opportunities to travels by vessels or ferry-boats to the nearby islands: Thassos and  Samotrace.  Not least, on the peninsula such as Kassandra, Chalkidiki or Sithony.

4. The monuments of Kavala

The old name of the city was the Neapolis, the town was built in the old times of Byzantine Empire. The most important tourist attractions in terms of historical monumetns are the following: Aqueduct of Suleiman the Magnificent, the Byzantine Castle, home of Muhammad Ali (The founder of the modern Egyptian state), Church of the Holy Virgin Mary and The Imaret of Saint Syllas. It also features many museums that hosting  archaeological ornaments from Macededonia or Thrace.

Also, you can visit the mitical villages near the town like Krinides and Filipi, which histing the archaeological site of the ancient maciedonian city of  Filippi.

5. Diversity of swimming in Kavala. You can go to the beaches… Or  you can jump of the high cliffs in Aegean Sea

Kavala also have lovely beaches like Nea Hearclitsa, Nea Peramos, Periyali, Aspri Ammos and Keramoti. Or, you can choose the others which have more sand near Kavala like: Kalamitsa and Batis, which are located at a distance of 2.3 km from the city. Perigialli beach is about 1 km. One of the nicest is called Tosca but farther, over 4 km. More close is Rapsani, nearest city, just 200 m.
But i want to tell you the truth with may option: i like more to jump of the high cliffs in Aegen Sea nearby the Byzantine Castle of Kavala.  All youth do this in Kavala.



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