Best journeys from Melbourne: The Great Ocean Road

Best journeys from Melbourne: the Great Ocean Road

About The Great Ocean Road

Australia is a wonderful country as we saw the previous post about the adventures Kuranda or about the Great Barrier Reef. But, that are easier to access if you’re based in Sydney or Bondy Beach. But if you settled in Melbourne and in Victoria we recommend a wonderful trip: The Great Ocean Road.

The Great Ocean Road belongs in an elite group of classic coastal drives, which includes California Pacific Highway and Italy’s Amalfi Coast Road. It nms 285 km (180 mi) along Victoria’s south coast , west of Melbourne between the towns of Torquay and Warmambool. Constructed originally to open up a previously inaccessible coastline for commerce, the Great Ocean Road lias now become a major tourist attraction in its own rigid. Started in 1919 with the labour of ex- servicemen find completed 13 years later, this engineering marvel clings precariously to sheer cliff faces, snakes around inlets, crosses narrow gorge’s and passes through t unnels blasted out of solid rock.

Impressions from The Great Ocean Road of Australia

Leasing the lively seaside resort of Torquay with its world-famous surf break at Bells Beach, the road hugs the shoreline as it passes through the pretty little towns of Anglesea and Lorne. As you negotiate sharp comers and descend into protected bays you are presented time and again with stunning views of the Southern Ocean, endless expanses of \irgin sands and nigged cliffs stretching off into tlte distance. After Apollo Bay the route bears inland and crosses Otway National Park, part of the Otway Ranges, an area of dense temperate rain forest which offers one of your best chances of swing a koala in the wild. These shy creatures are notoriously liard to spot, tlianks to their camouflage and inertia during the flay.

Appropriately enough, the highlights of this trip comes towards the end. Just 70 km (45 miles) before Warrnambool the Twelve Apostles rise proudly from the sea, like giant sentinels guarding the coast. This majestic limestone stacks, up to 45 m (150 ft) high, are the result of coastal erosion and they provide a justly famous spectacle at sunrise and sunset.

Best highlights of The Great Ocean Road

A round of golf on the course at Anglesea. where you will be sharing
the fairways with a mob of unconcerned kangaroos.
Taking a room with a sea view at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Lorne.
A helicopter flight – for a different perspective on the Twelve Apostles.
The rock arch known as London Bridge.

What you must know about the Great Ocean Road?

If you feel like exploring the scenery on foot, the Great Ocean Walk is a
91-km (57-mu track that starts from Apollo Bay.

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