Holiday in Zakynthos (Part 2): The Beaches of Vassilikos

It is the area that brings together the most beautiful beaches of Zakynthos. Vassilikos is also the greenest part of Zakinthos Island and is about 17 km from Zante. Neither the area in which we were standing, Kalamaki, was far from us. The ATV was about 30-35 minutes to the south of Vasilikos, at the point known as Gerakas. Here is a lot of long, long beaches with ultra-fine sand, most of them being Blueflag.

Impressions and recommendations from Vassilikos- Zakynthos

Vassilikos area is renowned for its beauty and natural tranquility, a paradise for those who love the sea.
Lush vegetation blends harmoniously with sandy beaches to offer visitors the best views of Zakynthos (Zante). Access is easy by car or on foot.
Besides the natural beauty and the size of the area, olive groves can be admired, carefully groomed, organized and cultivated.
Even under the high mountains that surround the area, visitors can find some of the most beautiful beaches, not only in Zakynthos but also throughout the Ionian Sea.
Vassilikos is also one of the breeding sites of the famous Caretta turtle, which is under the supervision and protection of the Marine National Park of Zakynthos – Zante.
Vassilikos combines the features of a very quiet resort with other possible tourist facilities, restaurants, taverns, mini-shops and shops that can be found in many places in the area.


Where are we staying?

Vassilikos is a well-developed tourist resort with numerous hotels, studios, apartments, bungalows and even traditional stone houses, offering all the amenities necessary for a relaxed and quality holiday.
There are several price classes you can choose from. There are many well-maintained traditional rental rooms. You will definitely feel at home!



There is a regular bus service to Zakynthos (Zante). You can also easily rent cars, jeeps, motorcycles and bicycles. There is a taxi stop on the main road, in turn, to St. Nicholas.



There are numerous taverns and restaurants to explore in Vassilikos, not only along the main road, but also in many other quiet places or near beaches.
You can taste fresh fish, grilled meat and many more gourmet dishes from Greek, English, Chinese and Italian!
Enjoy a wonderful dinner in the most picturesque places, combining local cuisine with live music and traditional Greek dance!


Beaches of Vassilikos

Marele avantaj daca ai ales locatia Vassilikos este că puteți să înotați în fiecare zi pe o plajă diferită! Începeți să vizitați Kaminia și apoi Porto Zoro (Porto Azzuro), Ionio, Banana, Sf. Nicolae, Porto Roma, Gerakas și minunata plaja de la Daphni.

Plaje minunate, de aur, cu ape clare și puțin adânci, ideale atât pentru adulți, cât și pentru copii, având multe opțiuni cum ar fi dușuri, șezlonguri de închiriat, scufundări, schi nautic, ringo, biciclete de mare etc. Nu este permisă la unele dintre plaje, pentru a proteja broasca țestoasă Caretta.
Timpul de reproducere a țestoaselor coincide cu vacanțele de vară. În timpul lunilor iulie și august, țestoasele de sex feminin vin pe țărm pentru a-și îngropa ouăle aproximativ 50 cm în nisip. Nisipul cald provoacă ouăle să eclozeze, iar puii testoaselor apar 8 săptămâni mai târziu, îndreptându-se imediat spre marea luminată de lună.


Banana Beach- It Is considered the most beautiful of island

Banana Beach Zakynthos 1

Banana Beach Zakynthos 2

Banana Beach Zakynthos 3

Banana Beach Zakynthos 4


Banana Beach Zakynthos 5


Porto Azzuro Beach

Porto Azzuro Beach Zakynthos 1

Porto Azzuro Beach Zakynthos 3 Porto Azzuro Beach Zakynthos 2

Porto Azzuro Beach Zakynthos 4

La Caretta Beach

La Caretta Beach Zakynthos 1

La Caretta Beach Zakynthos 3 La Caretta Beach Zakynthos 2

Dafni Beach

Dafni Beach Zakynthos 1

Dafni Beach Zakynthos 2

Gerakas Beach

Gerakas Beach Zakynthos 1

Gerakas Beach Zakynthos 2

Gerakas Beach Zakynthos 3

Gerakas Beach Zakynthos 4

Gerakas Beach Zakynthos 6 Gerakas Beach Zakynthos 5

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