Holiday in Zakynthos (Part 1): The Beaches of Kalamaki

Again in Greece. This time in Zakynthos. We are located in the Kalamaki area, a place that owns some of the most beautiful beaches on this island. From the place where we are staying, the beach is about 200 meters away. The beach has extraordinary fine sand and clear waters.

Beaches of Kalamaki

It is divided into two segments, both populated during this period by Careta Careta. As you reach the beach, the left side stops a few hundred meters in a mountain that descends dramatically into the Ionian Sea.

The second segment of the beach is relatively similar, fine sand and crystalline waters. On the entire beach there are two seats with sunbeds and umbrellas that charge up to 10 euros for two chairs and an umbrella. There are places where you can buy juices or beer than Taverna Stanis.

After passing the stones that share the beach, the place looks like that.

The beaches of Kalamaki- Zakynthos


Aerial view of Kalamaki Beach- Zakynthos

Somewhere in the middle of the beach there are rocks that descend directly into the sea and divide into two equal parts. The stones are some beautiful with glass crystal inserts.

The Beaches of Kalamaki - Zakynthos Island 3


Beaches with fine sand in Kalamaki Area- Zakynthos island


One day I climbed the hill separating the beach, the top of which was the Greek flag

The greek flag up on the hill in Kalamaki- Zakynthos Island

Part of the Kalamaki beach seen from the nearby hill – Zakynthos Island

The-Beach-of-Kalamaki-View-from-the-hill- Zakynthos Island


The beach of Kalamaki is one of the hosts of beautiful beaches. The turtle-horses come here to lodge the eggs. They are one of the symbols of the island and are protected by authorities. Every day we walked to Kalamaki Beach, we found a team of UNESCO Biosphere Representatives to protect them, individuals who advised us to ride along the seashore as close as possible to the water. They even fit protection zones so that they place their eggs quietly.

Advisory- La Caretta turtles on Kalamaki Beaches- Zakynthos Island


Shelters for the deposition of tortoiseshells on Kalamaki beach in Zakinthos Island

Shelters for the deposition of tortoiseshells on Kalamaki beach in Zakinthos Island

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