Haervejen Oxen Trail

Haervejen Oxen Trail


If roads could speak this one would recount tales like few others. Throughout history this route, which starts just the other side of the German border and runs down the spine of Jutland, has borne the weight of Danish hopes – as well as their livestock. A source of great pride for modern day Denmark, many of its secrets still lie by the roadside, yet to be discovered. It is probable that the route has been trodden for millennia and an air of historical significance hangs over every part of it.

For much of the way it seems little more than a dirt track, while other sections are more like modern roads. Famous for its magnificent stone bridges, the Haervejen is ideal for hiking or biking vacations. Whichever mode of transport you choose, you will want to stop and marvel at sights both ancient and modem. Runic stones, burial mounds and monoliths line the route and offer cryptic clues to the regions antediluvian past. More recent history is displayed in the German World War I bunkers and the Froslev Concentration Camp, where Danish Communists were imprisoned during World War II.

The road’s elevation of some 92 m (300 ft) in places, gives you excellent wide views of the countryside and the ridge forms the source of Denmark’s two longest rivers, the Skjerna and the GudeniL All in all, this is a journey which can be relished as a trek through the tranquil Jutish countryside, or studied deeply like an ancient text. The choice is yours.


On foot or by bike


Open all year, but the weather Is best from May to September.


Five days hiking or two days by bike.


The historic town of Vejen – the only major settlement on the route.

Roede Kro (the Red Inn) – a resource centre for the region.

Halrulf Stone – a splendid Inscribed standing stone.

The stone bridge at Immervad – basic, symmetrical and symbolic.




Only a small part of the road is paved and much of the rest of It makes for
a pretty bumpy bicycle ride. So make sure you have good suspension, or
better still make the journey in the manner of the ancients and walk.

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