How to get to Giola Thassos – Mermaid Pool # Zeus’ Eye

Giola is one of the most beautiful natural swimming pools in the world, according to Tripadvisor. It is one of the most tempting natural beauties on the island of Thassos and, like other wonderful places, it is not even very handy enough to reach it. Take a look at how to get to Giola by car, ATV, or by bus. And a little hike, of course!


How to get to Giola Thassos – Mermaid Pool # Zeus’ Eye

In the past, there was no sign of where you took the valley to Giola, and there was no way. However, there were plenty of visitors, but there was no influx of visitors from now on. Now, since the attraction has become tremendously popular in the full season, the place is tricky. There is no problem, I can enjoy you, it is enough for everyone.

The Mitology of the Place

We are in Greece, of course, there are several legends about this place: that Zeus would have made this pool of Aphrodite, or that he would have made the pool for him. It is also said that the mermaids love this place. What can I say: it’s great!

Where is Giola?

Pretty close to Potos, the well-known locality in the south of the island. As you drive from the direction of Limenaria to Astris, you get a moment away at Hotel Aeria, which will be on the right side. About 100 meters away is a sign with “Studio Sirines” on the right side, and the first road to the right is the way to the Giola pool.

Approximately two kilometers down is said to be the pool. I’m really sorry I did not count the distance, though I’ve traveled it many times! I have the impression that they are not two kilometers, especially from the road that is close to Aeria. It’s like I did not do more than 10 minutes to the place where the Giola tavern and the parking lot are downstairs: from there the road is steeper and everyone has to walk on it, there are about 4 minutes.


Giola is also signaled from the road

Giola is now two forest roads, not one! The first one closer to the Aeria Hotel, the other one a little ahead, that is to the Archangel Michael and is steeper.

By off-road car or ATV

I saw cars of all sorts brought down, but I do not recommend. You can ruin your car and there are many who have gone wrong. Even if you do not ruin it, if it is not a field car you will use it unnecessarily.

It is recommended to rent a Suzuky Jimny, or another off-road vehicle or ATV.

Are not you coming by car and you do not want to rent a car?

You have two choices: going to the place where the green bus starts, the program is here. The second solution is to go on a Safari Beach trip, get three beautiful beaches and is very convenient and organized. Stopping from parking is one hour in total at Giola in this case, otherwise stay as long as you like.

Whichever solution you choose, a visit to Giola must be done by your program. Another tip? To avoid the big crowd, come in the morning.

¬†Giola’ Tavern

Now there is also a tavern! And to know that prices are not high, so it would be a great idea to have lunch here after spending the morning at the pool. Or a coffee, anything, the view and beautiful energy of this place is worthwhile.

If you want the pool only for you, come out of the season or early in the morning.


Be careful at:

How to jump! There are many tourists who are dislocating their shoulders, or have other problems. Do not jump from top to bottom (8 meters) with straight feet, but with the point down, penetrate correctly into the water, otherwise it’s like jumping on the asphalt from 8 meters! Think about the column.
Sea elephants: the pool is full of hedgehog! If you do not have special shoes, great attention! Be careful though skip: I saw someone who was on the face and hands spikes, jump on the head but where was shallow water well is that it was hit hard, but he brushed a little hedgehogs! Do it, do not lie to a doctor in Thassos right away.
Be careful when you step on the cliffs: they are not stable! Many tourists break their feet here, great attention, do not hurry, stalk carefully, do not rush over there, is not the case.
Do not leave garbage, please! I know that if you attract someone’s attention, you are scandalous, so I’m not going to urge you to do anything to ruin your vacation, but the power of the example is also important.


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