Cuba (Episode 5): Cayo Levisa, a dream island

A small corner of paradise

Cayo – island. Cayo Levisa: Fix my image of a dream island, formed on a coral reef of 4km long, mangrove, 3km of white sandy beach and cocoons … a fever. As a location, it is located in northern Cuba, about two hours driving from Havana to the west, being part of the province of Pinar del Rio


Hotel Cayo Levisa

The island has one bungalow hotel, many directly on the beach, with access limited to tourists and hotel staff (the only Cuban citizens allowed on the island). Total relaxation, no city, etc., have nothing to do but activities such as reading, relaxing at the beach, swimming, diving, massage, water rides, volleyball, coconut with rum, marguerite, pina colada, and evening dancing at the only place where the day is the dining room. It is also a small shop where you can buy rum, cigars, soft drinks, water, souvenirs, bathing suits, sun creams, etc.
It is easy to reach from Havana by taxi, or from Vinales by bus (Viazul) to Palma Rubia, from where the boat goes to the island – there are two round-trip journeys per day. I took that morning … .45 minutes on the water and ready …. a narrow wooden deck takes you up to the reception: leave the luggage (the accommodation is done after lunch) and the beach!

Total relax on a 3km of white sand beach and turquoise waters

Once at this point, you have nothing to do but take a lounge chair and feel good …… I talked a little about other tourists, but … I wanted to enjoy the scenery, gathered shells, enjoyed a cocktail under palm trees, a coconut with rum … brought directly to the lounger, totally spoiled!
Somewhere after lunch, I insist on receiving a bungalow directly on the beach, receiving it 🙂 I download my calabal and armed with a bottle of flat water, in a bathing suit start in the discovery of the island on the beach … nobody around serial exchange but anyway the island is not overpopulated believe) best time ever ……. It was raining, it rained a bit, but it was hot, I have no words to express the feeling: I was there, in a divine landscape, to put on the desktop, nobody around me, I was going to pinch myself to make sure I did not dream!

Returning to the beach in front of my bungalow, I rolled down the bank of the water face down and arms stretched when I was interrupted by an employee worried that I was hurt …. not…. I was too good!

Cayo Levisa in the evening

You can take salsa lessons – there are teachers – to dance at the restaurant, turn into a disco, drink a cocktail at the bar, socialize. That’s unless you’re too tired of fun elsewhere.
I wanted to enjoy peace here on the seashore, so I took the stores out of the store and spent a dream evening, bathing in the sea … the only night-time visitors: Hutia, curious and cuddly, who were about to enter room, I was scared that I did not expect them!
The only unpleasant thing, common in Cuba, even in the emerging hotels: at the evening meal, I recognized food from lunch and dinner at dinner. There were also many fresh foods, you have to be careful, get the stuff prepared on the spot (made at every meal) or make sure that what you choose from the buffet is fresh – at least for the smell.


It’s hard to break up from this island

Somehow I felt sorry that I chose only one night especially because I paid only 50 euros for accommodation with 3 meals. This in advance if you get there is double (on my date of stay). But for almost two days he was excellent! I enjoyed a lot of this break of all kinds, safety on the island is maximum, which relaxes you. You’re here to stay here, but … … not for this, but to discover Cuba, people, everything …

My advice: if you arrive in Cuba, NEAR you have to stay on one of the many dream islands and enjoy tranquility, beautiful beaches, turquoise water and even for one day only. It is an experience that should not be missed.



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