Cuba (Episode 4): My experience in Malecon

I think any of us has seen at least once pictures of Malecon, the gorgeous road that surrounds Havana, in any movie, video, travel guide, documentary, etc. The most beautiful picture of Malecon I have before the eyes is halfway through Chan Chan, Buena Vista, 1998 with 2 members of the group riding on a motorcycle with Malecon and the angry waves that break along the shore and getting on the road. But this (waves and water on the street) happens only when there is a strong storm on the sea, still peace and quiet :).

About Malecon

– It’s called Avenida de Maceo.
– It stretches over 8 km along the Havana coast, from Havana Veche to the north of Centro Havana and Vedado – intersects Calle 23 or La Rampa – the main promenade, bars, etc. of Vedado.
– The road was built from 1901, when the US held power in Cuba to protect Havana from water. There are many monuments along the road, in the Plaza de la Dignidan the statue of Jose Marti and many important buildings, such as Hotel Nacional or Castillo of Real Fuerz – Royal Forces Castle, considered the oldest stone fort in the Americas.

Marched on one side of the sea, on another of colonial-style buildings, some renovated, others still in the cradle, I’m sure not for a long time – it’s all about that the Malecon is already bought by the rich in other places (other than the Cuban ones ). There are many private houses, palaces, other small places along the entire length of the road.



You have to understand this place, what he means, to understand the poor Cuban people’s living: the day they do what they do to work, to raise money, to buy food, etc, and in the evening to relax, to enjoy life, where? There are some places, or in the House of Music, but here come many jiniteros, jiniteras, many Havans come to Malecon.

Evening Malecon is a story. All the young people are here in the hair. Here is music, flirting, idiots
Evening Malecon is FULL: every meter is busy with young people, even older people, in some areas and transvestite. Young lovers, kissing and embracing, young people at socializing, flirting, or listening to music.

Young people come with cassette recorders, some dance, it’s so youthful, hopeful and sensual in the air – not vulgar sensuality.
The temperature is warm, not suffocating, and the breeze brings so much life – or maybe I’m just so excited about the breeze of the sea, present in all my beautiful childhood memories.


How did I see Malecon 3 times the head of the tail and a few times on the pieces.

On the first stop in Havana I saw the day, with the eyes of the tourist: I saw the fishermen, the young people bathing in the small stone basins, or jumping in the sea, the buildings, the cars on the road.

But to see and understand how I can say that at the end of the Cuba trip, after visiting Vinales, Cayo Levisa, Trinidad – I came three more days to Havana, I stayed in Vedado and spent most of the time in less tourist places.

The most pleasant memory: the night I walked from Havana Vieja to Vedado where I was on foot, Malecon.
I had bronzed and with very simple clothes I did not attract attention, we were assimilated to the locals – in these few moments I am also glad that I have hair in all directions :).
I have not taken my device with me ever since (nor did I get out of any pictures) and ruin my “cover”.
That’s how everyone assumed I was Cuban, especially since I was not alone at that speed – I had no problems at all, I could only hear from behind: preciosa, see me, etc. (it’s very common in Cuba).



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