Cuba (Episode 3): La Trinidad

What can I start with? I arrived in Trinidad and I did not want to leave, so I miss Santiago de Cuba, the two days I was going to spend here came out 5 !!!!! The beaches, the intimacy of the city, which is small, you get to know it, the figures, the markets, the House of Music, of the Trinidad Music House in the Plaza Mayor, outdoors, is nothing like stars, music, crazy dance and tonight!

Trinidad can be reached by coach, 4 hours from Havana, I made 9 of the Vinales with a coach for tourists, Viazul, 37 CUC (parity with the US dollar) very comfortable, only air conditioning is maximized so you have to to have something thick for you!



The best-preserved colonial city in Cuba

Trinidad is a town in Sancti Spiritus, in the center of Cuba, in the Unesco heritage of 1988, being one of the seven colonies whose base was laid by the Spanish conquistador Diego Velazquez in the early 16th century. It is considered the best preserved colonial city in Cuba, full of buildings (many already restored, at least outdoors) from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.
The center should be explored on foot, with access to cars being restricted. The main square, the Mayor, where the cathedral is located, is particularly beautiful, being bordered by restored colonial houses, formerly owned by families with resounding names in the history of the country: Brunet, Padrón, Ortiz.


Accommodation at Cecilia Y Miguel

When I arrived I had a knot in the neck I do not know why but the first picture .. I had the impression that it is so unfriendly, even a little sense of insecurity …… that until I arrived at my private home, recommend the prettiest people from Cuba and so I got to Cecilia Y Miguel. With my hosts I had a lot to talk about, they are good people, I enjoyed staying with them! 25 CUC / night separate room with ensuite bathroom, entrance from an inner courtyard, but still passing through the hall, living room. The night when I came from the House of Music was absolute silence, I was going to the top of my feet to the room – what to do, that’s the host state!


The streets of Trinidad

In Trinidad I was not alone, I had 100% of the time but not quite my belgian friends I had met on the Maria da Gorda trip in Vinales, a bit of the Luxembourg girls, and quite a lot often on Nico, my neighbor from the private French house, the manager of a salsa troop in the city and who knew Trinidad by heart. He made us acquaintance with his friends, which made our stay here very enjoyable.
So here we are all every night on a street in Trinidad, on the verge of a genuine colonial house with many other Cuban friends, cheap rum and sprite / cola in stories until the 11th when it was time for … for yes! House of Music! Where we went almost all the band, with grandparents, sometimes children! I had come to know the neighbors, the neighbors, the love stories, which as they came to say what he did, and the rest of the TOCAU! But in a beautiful way, there is great solidarity between the Cubans, trying to help one another.



Horse riding in the mountains!

I lost the hiking trip to Vinales, but I did not want to miss it in Trinidad so once I got to Cecilia, and I had already arranged the next morning: 25 CUC. I was just me so I went quickly, galloping in some parts. Riding from Vinales to an area where we walked to reach a waterfall in the mountains, where we also made a bath and where we served coconut with rum, bunes!
In return I was unpleasantly surprised when my guide told me that we could make the second route, by many, the next day, more beautiful, etc … I was a little annoyed, that is why I did not go there for the first time, or has not she shown my possibilities? It was my fault that I did not ask, although I normally had to receive this information, it does not matter, I learned the lesson, but I did not even think about making the second trip! And if I had changed my guide, but in Cuba you go for others for salsa, cities, mountains and horses we have, though not necessarily in this combination, but potentially enormous!


Walking on the colonial city of Trinidad

Cobbled streets, colonial buildings, some outdoor markets, with different handicraft items, stopping for a little shadow, etc. It’s easier to walk around here, I’m not that much like Havana, for example, the world generally leaves you alone. One girl aggrieved me to say: she was very beautiful, young, she sold seamless necklaces, I said to buy a few and I made my jaw: he jumped to give him my swimsuit (which was under the that I was going to the beach) whose braces she was pulling, dressed like that, to give her that I definitely had others! I did not escape – it was very insistent – than I promised to give her and set an hour / place to meet!
I am in Trinidad and some museums for the willing, but one did not interest me, I do not know why, maybe with the next visit, now I spent hours in the house of Music day, night, I talked, noticed people, listened to music , cocktails, here is a mourning, which in the evening changes into the fever of cooking and in the impatience, the anticipation of a beautiful evening, of fun, unknown, insanity!

Ancon Beach and Maria Aguilar Beach

Ancon is one of the best beaches in Cuba is 7 km from Trinidad, it takes about 20 minutes by taxi or bus, or if you are a coco taxi. It is a beautiful white sand beach that stretches for 4 kilometers! … endless, dream water, reed bars serving mojito, free cuba and reggaeton! We got a local bus, nobody asked me anything. I had already sunk! And anyway, I never went to the beach alone.
Maria Aguilar is a little farther, just as beautiful! I’ve been to what I liked: a lot of beach space, no crowd!



Canchánchara Restaurant serves the famous Cancancharas, a cocktail of honey, lime and alcohol, prepared on the spot, a 100% bar for tourists, live Cuban music, like everywhere in Cuba.


Casa de la Trova

In a colonial house, with a small terrace, dance place, Cuban music, many music bands, all have a sales cd, so be prepared, music is good from 8 to 1 in the evening. More place for tourists, good location for a relaxed evening.


Casa dela Muzica

My favorite place in Trinidad, I’ve said it! Day Atmosphere is quieter, being a cafe, restaurant and bar, music, of course, more relaxed, shade, the perfect place to relax, enjoy the Cuba, read a book!
And in the evening…. the evening is another story! A lot of gossip, a lot of people, an incendiary atmosphere. A mix of tourists, locals of all ages, access is not limited, music is free, so it’s a big crowd.
After a certain hour the world and the fun moves into the piano bar after the disco. I liked this tour, I repeated it about every evening.
In the piano bar dance and r & b, joy, joy, everything is about music and the Cubans leave all the worries (many of them) aside in the evening, live to the fullest! If you manage to connect to this atmosphere, it will be magical, like me!

What you need to know about Trinidad

Pina colada best serves at the Music House in Trinidad, or maybe it seemed to me because of the atmosphere!
The necklaces of the rum bottles are very beautiful, I also got one from Feliz, a very special man, unfortunately very sick, but yet full of joy, as the name says, the necklace is a very sweet memory !
In Trinidad, Cuba generally does not matter nationality, age, color, everyone is the same
Aliens who are in sex tourism are in large numbers everywhere in Cuba, you will also see them here, the most obvious of what I have seen at the House of Music: that is, if you see a table with 5 European women over 45 years old (but that were very good) with 5 young people who did not think they had 20, what can you say? The vice versa is as well represented even more!

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