Cuba is changing rapidly, the United States is raising the restrictions

Are you going to visit Cuba? Then the sooner the better

After more than 18 months of talks, the US Presidential Administration announced last Wednesday that the United States and Cuba would resume full diplomatic relations. The United States will lift travel and investment restrictions on Cuba and its status as a country supporting terrorism will be revised.

The embargo will also be lifted, but the terms will be discussed in Congress.

I am afraid that this measure will not lead to greater freedom for citizens.

The disputes created around this decision are many, as are the economic interests, pros and cons. While the United Nations has been supporting this change for a long time and Latin American leaders have welcomed the decision, pointing out that the punishment of an entire people for a tyrant group has not yielded the expected results even after 50 years, the group around Castro is still in power are voices from inside, such as US Senator Marco Rubio, who has Cuban parents, who claims that this measure will encourage other triad to take advantage of President Obama’s naivety and that America will be less secure. Even in Cuba there are many discussions on the subject, the opposition exposing its dissatisfaction.

We will see what it will be, but it is clear that the time has come for change. From what I have heard from sources for a long time, there are many interests, so I expect Havana to be radically transformed in a very short time, not that it has not been transformed for a long time.

There are already many licenses issued to US operators so we can see where the prices will be, and how safe the island will be when hordes of tourists will flush.

I’m so excited to have followed my instinct and I traveled to Cuba alone in June 2011. It was my first great trip alone and I went for that very reason: I had the necessary means, my friends were not at all convinced they would like to go in the near future, or ever, I wanted to get to it until things changed radically and it was a safe country. So I left alone and it was a sensational trip.


Maybe you do not want to visit Cuba, you have other plans, dreams. If you feel a thing, be courageous and go, of course, taking the necessary precautions. I recently set up a Facebook group called Solo Slope, where I hope many of those who have had this experience or want to find advice, encouragement, tips and support from other members. I wanted a cheerful title because there is nothing sad about this option, but it brings many benefits, I wrote about them here :).

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