Cordoba in my eyes: Best 10 highlights of the city

Impressions about Cordoba

In a previous post we spoke abot the most biggest attractions in Andalucia. One of them is here, in Cordoba.The main sight in Córdoba City is undoubtedly the Great Mosque, La Mezquita – one of the unsurpassed masterpieces of world architecture. But the entire city, in all its immaculately whitewashed splendour, is a major jewel in Andalucia’s crown. In addition to the mosque and its incongruous but splendid cathedral within, other sights here include fine monuments and palaces from every age, art and history museums, one of Andalucia’s greatest archaeological repositories, and a rather gruesome yet fascinating museum dedicated to the glories of the bullfight.

Best 10 highlights in Cordoba

1.La Mezquita

Is the symbol of this City. La Mezquita is the world’s third- largest mosque and remains a place of grandeur and mystical power .



All around the Mezquita is the city’s ancient Jewish quarter, dating back to the time of the Roman Empire. Its narrow alleyways are brilliantly whitewashed, hung with flowerpots, and graced with beautiful Moorish patios. This district also has Andalucia’s only medieval synagogue, buit in 1315.


3.Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos This fortified palace, built in 1328, was used by the Inquisition (1500s—1820) and as a prison (until the 1950s). But today it is tranquil, with gardens, water terraces and fountains.


4.Baños del Alcázar Califal

Built in the 10th century, these Arab baths reflect the classical order.

banos califal

5.Museo de Bellas Artes

A former 16th-century charity hospital is now the city’s main art museum. It has a collection of works by local painters and sculp­tors. as well as paintings and drawings by Masters such as Goya, Ribera, Murillo, Zurbarcin, and Valdos Leal.


6.Plaza del Potro

This small but elegant square, adorned with a 16th-century foun­tain (above), was once the livestock market.

Digital Camera

7.Museo Arqueologico

Housed in a Renaissance mansion, this is one of the region’s best archaeological museums. A highlight is the 10th- century Moorish bronze of a stag, found at Medina Azshara.


8.Museo Torre de la Calahorra

Part of a Moorish castle that controlled access to the city, the tower (below) is now home to the Roger Garaudy Three Cultures Museum, which explains how Muslims, Christians and Jews lived side by side in medieval Córdoba. There are impressive views of the city from the tower battlements.


9.Puente Romano

Puente Romano till Crossing the Rio Guadalquivir, this massive arched bridge (above) has Roman foundations, although it was rebuilt by the Moors.


1o.Palacio de los Marqueses de Viana

This noble residence (14th- to 18th-century) includes preserved period rooms and furnishing.

palacio de los ma





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