Budva Riviera

The beautiful Budva Riviera, with its azure water, background of mountains and string of bays, coves and fine sand beaches, runs only about 35 km (23 mi) from Budva to Petrovac. Some of the settlements that punctuate the coast date back to Roman, Greek and even Phoenician times, though little archaeological evidence remains. A walk along the Riviera, either on the beaches, by the coast road or on the peaceful hillside path parallel with the old road, allows breaks or overnight stays at irresistible beaches and exploration of the inland villages and old, frescoed monasteries.

Budva is a delightful place. The old town was built on a headland and is surrounded by 15th century walls. This busy tourist town offers old buildings, churches and museums, festivals and a lively nightlife. Southwards, a promenade walk follows the bay round to Becici beach. Milocer, once a royal holiday spot is, with its two beaches – King’s and Queen’s – and lush parkland setting, a fashionable resort.

Sveti Stefan is reached by a causeway; built on a tiny island as a fishermen’s village in the 15th century, it is now an exclusive and beautiful hotel complex.

Between here and Petrovac are several small, secluded beaches and an interesting inland area, the peach and pomegranate clad Pastrovici Hills. This was once a semi- autonomous Dukedom with its own language and traditions.

Petrovac, with its spectacular setting and red sand, is an attractive and very popular town.

It retains charm and intimacy, but is threatened by the density of recent construction. A walk south to Lucice beach, or on to the relatively undeveloped Buljarica beach escapes the crowds.



On foot


May, June and September


Three days plus, depending on stops


Views from the battlements over the whole of Budva, Saint Nikola island and Sveti Stefan.

The little port village of Przno (before It is over-developed) for a sunset drink on the waterfront.



Accommodation can be over- subscribed and expensive.


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