The Bruce Trail: a beauty nearby Niagara

Everything about The Bruce Trail

As we already seen, Canada is a magnificent country. At 800 km the Bruce Trail in Ontario is the oldest and longest marked trail in Canada, taking the hiker along the Niagara Escarpment from Niagara, to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. There are also about 300 km of additional side trails that link well with the Bruce. The iconic waterfalls at Niagara are the great place to start and heaving left with the sound of crashing water in your ears and ozone in your lungs, it is a short hike to the main trail proper.

Impressions from the Bruce Trail

This well-maintained trail, with its clear markings and efficiently run campgrounds is the most ambitious of projects. The nine chapters of the Bruce Trail Association work hard at protecting this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, acquiring new land and opening up this most beautiful, fragile environment for all to see. Hence, it is important to take nothing and leave nothing , except memories and photographs. The fact that the campsites provide all necessary camping gear, to avoid outside contamination, means that you can travel light and cover more ground than you would otherwise.

This ancient escarpment shelters a rare bio-diversity and is home to an array of woodland dwellers, from chipmunks to bear and chickadees to Canada geese. The further north you venture the more lokely you are to witness the resident fauna in its natural environment. A good pair of binoculars and a soft step is all you need.


Best sights of Bruce Trail

 Blue Muntains Section ( Lavender to Craigleight)

Beaver Valley Section (Craigleight to Blantyre) – offering fine views of rocky crevasses.

Sydenham Section (Blantyre to Wiarton) -teeming with nature.

The carnarderie of the campgrounds.

What you should know

If you are backpacking you need to be in good shape. The rocky terrain can make this journey treacherous and it can be slippery in wet weather.

Campfires are not allowed and drinking water must be treated.

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