Best 10 shops and markets in Andalucia

Shopping in Andalucia

We spoke a lot about Andalucia on this site (about places to eat, about the best resorts in Costa del Sol, about the best 10 nightlife clubs in Costa Del Sol, even one top of the best beaches) but nothing yet about the best shops and markets in this resgion of Spain. But, today i want to realize a top of the best markets and shops in Andalucia.

Best 10 shops and markets in Andalucia

1.Zoco Municipal, Cordoba

This historic house and patio has been converted into a co-op tor local artists specializing in ceramics, leather, metalworks, and woodwork.


2. CUEROS Ghadamés, Córdoba

Here, Córdoba leather is worked and coloured into traditional patterns and images, I most of them relating to the area’s Moorish history, although some are on religious themes and others pertain to local.


3. Bodegas Mezquita, Córdoba

Mezquita, Cordoba. This is an excellent place for local food-stuffs: slow-cured hams, fine — wines, olive oils and many other delectables. Their superb tapas Bar is next door.


4. MEryan, Córdoba

 Specialists in hand-tooled I leather goods; pick up a souvenir from your visit, from handbags, accessories and frames to  furniture.


5. Monsieur Bourguignon, Córdoba

A decadent shop offering an assortment of chocolates and handmade sweets, which are almost too pretty to eat.


6. Núñez de Prado, Baena

One of the premier olive oil factories in this historic town . Their production methods have not compromised with modernity, so their oil remains rich and flavourful.


7. Galería de Vinos Caldos,  Jaén

In Jaen– One of the region’s best wine shops. Featured, of course, are regional wines, including those from Montilla.


8. Flea Market, Jaén

Thursday mornings see this street come to life with a catch-all market that can net you anything from pure junk to a rare treasure.


9. Baraka, Córdoba

For good-quality souvenirs n this is likely spot. Choose from ceramics, leather goods, glass- wareand other accessories, all handmaded.

10. Pottery Quarter, Úbeda

Ubeda is famous for its dark green pottery, fired in wood kiln over olive stones. Its intricate pierced designs are Moorish- inspired and the workmanshio superb.


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