Bangkok Street Food

Holiday in Bangkok: Try the Street Food

Certainly, when you get into Bangkok, you will be attracted hundreds of thousands of “chefs” and their preparations taken to strolling minute. Of course, if you prefere clearly locals, you could frequent restaurants where prices are the same like in Bucharest. But nothing compares with the taking table in the street. It’s basically fascinating. Food taste and flavor is like Restaurant. From early morning mounted his bike to catch the best places on the sidewalk and convince tourists. Bicletele turns (I did not realize how) in true kitchen equipped with stove and refrigerator, spices and others. Personally, I tried everything … less bugs. Prices are great … I think you can eat $ 100 1.5 weeks))). And other cities in Thailand that you’ve seen everything goes to fel..Pattaya, Phi Phi Island or Ko Pha Ngan…)

Photo gallery with the Street Food in BangkokStreet food in Bangkok- 1









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