Agrigento: charming sicilian destination where ancient history meets the sea

Modern Agrigento offers a backdrop to the main archaeological site of Sicily – Valle dei Templi, or the Temple Valley, the site of the ancient Greek metropolis Acragas. Once, “the most beautiful of mortal cities”, as Pindar described it, formed one of the most important Greek colonies in Sicily. Today, the grandeur of the past is preserved only in the valley full of ruins of the nine temples, the finest Greek vestiges outside Greece.

The temple in Agrigento

It is located in southern Sicily and is 268 kilometers Messina, 160 kilometers from Catania and about 100 kilometers from Palermo.

The city was founded in 582 BC. By the settlers near Gela, a town that was originally founded by the first Greek colonists coming from Rhodes Island. Even though, over the years, repeated earthquakes have brought down much of the city, the greatest destruction made them the first Christian settlers who deliberately vandalized the temples; The only one who escaped was the Tempio di Concordia (430 BC), and that because it had been converted into a church in the sixth century.

Walking the streets in Agrigento- Sicily

This wonderful temple is the most beautiful temple in Sicily and Ancient Greece, after Temple of Thezeus in Athens. Nearby, there are other, less interesting temples along the so-called Via Sacra. Among them are the Temple of Linon (470 BC) and the Temple of Hercules (5th century BC), in the western extremity of the site, where you can cross Via dei Templi; Here are also the ruins of Jupiter’s Temple, half finished. Had it been finished – the construction works were interrupted by the invasion of the Carthaginians in 406 BC – it would have been the largest temple in Greece or Ancient Rome.

To the north, at the end of the Via dei Templi alley, is the Quartier Ellenistico-Romano, the ruins of part of a Greek-Roman city. Here you will also find the Regional Archeology Museum {Viate Panoramica), which houses an interesting collection of art objects discovered in this valley.


Best beaches in Agrigento

Scala dei Turchi Beach ( Realmonte)

The white walls of Scala dei Turchi form an exceptional backdrop – a white, scale-shaped cliff that reflects the sunlight and magnifies the blue of the underwater. Sculpted by wind and sea, this marlstone cliff leads to a fine sandy beach – and not too crowded.

A white sculptured erosion scale creates unique contrast together with blue and green Mediterranean waters


A white sculptured erosion scale creates unique contrast together with blue and green Mediterranean waters

Scala dei Turchi Beach in Agrigento 1@atlasofwonders

Scala dei Turchi Beach in Agrigento 2@atlasofwonders

Scala dei Turchi Beach in Agrigento 3



The beach of Porto Palo ( Menfi)

The unspoilt dunes of Porto Palo incorporate the African spirit of southern Sicily. Despite its limited services, this quiet corner of the island will not disappoint you – fine sand, small depths, crystal clear clear waters and an excellent setting for an unforgettable family holiday.

Porto Palo Beach in Menfi- Agrigento- Sicily


Eraclea Minoa Beach in Cattolica Eraclea

The Eraclea Minoa beach is part of a superb natural reserve, descending to a blue sea, surrounded by white cliffs and sand dunes. The 5-kilometer shore is supported by a dense forest of pines and to the east is marked by the long white rocks of Capo Bianco.

Eraclea Minoa Beach in Eraclea Cattolica- Agrigento- Sicily

Eraclea Minoa Beach in Eraclea Cattolica- Agrigento- Sicily 2


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