Aegina Island: Impressions, pictures and important travel details

Another day in Athens and we decided to try a boat trip to the well-known Aegina Island, which is in the Saronic Gulf of Athens. We left the Centrotel hotel around 10.00 am to the Victoria subway station. We took the metro to Piraeus Station, which cost EUR 1.40 for a trip. From here, we went to the right decks of Piraeus Port from where we purchased ferry tickets. There are several shipping companies operating to the Saronic Islands, the one we picked up had Piraeus-Aegina inscribed Agios Nektarios. To make a small economy, we opted for a return ticket, which in 2017 is worth 13 euros, compared to 16, taken separately. Until Aegina is about 1 hour and 20 minutes.


How did we do it?

We left at 12.15 pm in Piraeus Port and arrived at 13.30 at Aegina Port. From the harbor I went to the taxi station whose price is a bit deceptive for the 4 km that you have to go to the Nectarios Monastery. The price can reach up to 15 euros for this relatively short distance. We walked a little further (about 100 meters) to the bus station. In 15 minutes, we boarded the local bus at a cost of 7 euros for 2 round-trip passengers. The only problem when choosing for the 13.45 bus is that you only have 45 minutes to visit the Monastery, because the bus returns in 45 minutes to take you and is the last one. Still, 45 minutes there are enough.


Ferry Boat Piraues- Aegina – Anes Cruises



Hour departures to Aegina

Agios Nektarios Monastery, one of the cultural treasures of Aegina

The monastery is set amidst hills full of greenery and Mediterranean flora. In the yard there is a pleasant smell, full of flowers. The construction is impressive and the things around it are laid down methodically, nothing is left to chance. It was not a big crowd on the day we got there.



Enjoy the silence…

Eating in Eghina

It was already 4 o’clock, we took the bus on our way back to the port of Aegina where we spoiled with a fresh dowry and a Greek beer Alfa. There are a lot of good restaurants around Aegina Port.


At 18.30, before the ferry came, we took some pictures of the Sunset with Aegina Harbor. A small white church in Aegina Harbor. It has an architecture similar to Santorini


After a return of about 1.30 hours I got back to Piraeus Port. It was about 20:00.

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