8 places that you must see in and nearby Israel

Taken under a low Januray morning sun (0800). View from the south

This tiny strip of land is holy to the world’s three great monotheistic religions with a corresponding wealth of history, monuments, ruins, and places of worship to discover. The region also offers extraordinary natural beauty and amazing contrasts, from the forested slopes of the Galilee, to Mediterranean white-sand beaches and the harsh desert vistas of the Negev, Petra, and Sinai. Although politics here will remain contentious, travel throughout the region is remarkably safe and secure, meaning pilgrims and travelers continue to come as they have since antiquity. We’ve been there and we made a top with 8 places that you must see in Israel and nearby:

8 places that you must see in and nearby Israel

The Citadel / The Tower of David

Greeting visitors who enter the Old City through Jaffa Gate, this fortification has survived for more than 20 centuries, destroyed and rebuilt by invaders from the Crusaders to the Ottoman.

Church of the holy Sepulchre

The holiest church in the world is built over the site where, tradition says, Jesus was crucifee on the cross. Even amid the spiritual frenzy, it is possible to touch the rock of Golgotha and to enter the Christ’s Tomb.


Bethlehem / Jesus’sĀ  birthplace

Bethlehem As Jesus’s birthplace, Bethlehem has been a major pilgrimage center since the 4th century. Yet the town remains unchanged, and its square, market, and streets retain an authentic air.


Haram esh-Sharif

Haram esh-Sharif (Temple Mount) Meaning “Noble Sanctuary,” Haram esh- Sharif is a huge platform topped by the spectacular gold-leaf and mosaic covered Dome of the Rock – the quintessential image of Jerusalem.

Taken under a low Januray morning sun (0800). View from the south
Taken under a low Januray morning sun (0800). View from the south

Jaffa Port – Nearby Tel Aviv

The fortunes of this port have waxed and waned through the ages, but today Old Jaffa boasts a wealth of renovated Ottoman architecture and brims with art galleries, cultural centers, restauĀ­rants, and varied shopping options.


Petra/ The Siq – Jordan

The entrance to Petra is lined with t& sacred niches carved with ancient graffiti, and paved with a road that is 2,000 years old. This cleft in the rock creates an atmosphere of anticipation that is enhanced by the first glimpse of the Treasury at its far end.


The Mount of Olives

Although no longer covered with olive trees, this hill bestows a stunning aspect of Jerusalem. Adorned with churchthe Mount of Olives holds a crucial place in Jewish and Christian tradition.



Perched atop a mountain plateau, this fortress is a formidable sight.In the 1st century AD, around 1,000 Jewish rebels chose suicide over surrender to Roman rule here. The plateau is on the edge of the Dead Sea, adding to Masada’s mystique.


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