5 places with good beer in Brussels

When you are in Brussels … … besides chocolate, waffles, fries and seafood, beer is omnipresent, being brought to art in some places serving a wide variety of lamb beer, along with other specialties and liqueurs. Here the beer is raised in grade, it is served in wine glasses, similar to wine, or sometimes with cognac. Apart from the special flavor, traditional Belgian beers are also noted for the high alcohol concentration, and everyone drinks beer, especially at noon and definitely after 5 o’clock. I recommend you try more assortments because they all taste different, aroma , but responsible: in the Belgian capital they drink beer, but not one after another, but enjoy a slow, good wine.


Brussels Beer Museum: The Brewers House

The Brewers House, built in a building built between 1695-1698, is the first stop to learn more about the history and beer culture. About the fact that it is one of the oldest drinks in the world, being produced in Mesopotamia, it is the second most consumed drink in the world, after tea and many other interesting things, but also about the manufacturing process.
At the entrance you will receive a brochure with useful information about the ones mentioned, and after visiting the museum, which is quite small, you will get a glass of beer: blonde or black. Ask black beer, it’s not bitter like guy but very fragrant, although it’s not sweet. It is the specialty of the house. I also received a glass of blond beer, I stayed more in discussions with the host, about the trips and about Bucharest.
Address: Kerkstraat 11, exactly in Grand Place.
Open daily from 10:00 to 17:00
Entrance price: 5 euros, and Brussels Card is free of charge, it can be entered several times.


Moeder Lambic Fontainas

The largest selection of lamb draft beers from all over Belgium, I visited the site twice, and I noticed it was full on both Sunday and Monday after 21:00
There are 2 bars of Moeder Lambic: L’Original and Fontainas, the one I visited, Fontainas, which has a selection of 46 draft beers, lambic and 150 glass bottles, plus various snacks. The place is already recognized worldwide, being included in the Top 10 Top Rankings, in the top 10 and ranked 8th out of 2974 Brussels venues on Tripadvisor.
It has something special, it is warm, welcoming, very good beer, just like a sensational wifi, and I just felt so relaxed that I felt the need to come back before retiring to my sleep, the next day to say goodbye to the city from a place where I felt at home.
Prices: from 3.40 euros for a small draft beer. She was very good.
Place Fontainas, or Rue de Savoie 68 (L’Original, which I have not seen).

A La Morte Subite

I had this place on the list to be seen from home, for the special decor, in an authentic Art Deco building, and retains the original decor from 1928. They have spontaneous fermentation beer, such as Gueuse, Kriek, Faro, Framboise and Blanche. I tested the white beer of the house at the waiter’s recommendation and it was good for everything.
I really enjoyed the retro atmosphere, that I saw clients of all ages, although the average was quite high. There is something to see a couple at 70, arranged, come to have a beer in this place, take a snack, elegantly dressed, communicate very much. My lady smiled, so the waiters have a relaxed atmosphere, they make jokes with the clients, it is to be visited.
Prices: Something bigger than at Moeder, but not much.
Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potageres 7


A la Becasse

Traditional labeled tavern, located right in the center, where lamb beer can be tasted of blue-painted ceramic mugs, local cheeses, and other goodies. It is a very popular locality, but I have not been able to reach it, because at around 21 am found closed, I do not know how, especially on the site it says it is open until 23:00. I pulled the door, looked inside and for nothing. I was curious because I received from a friend the recommendation / invitation to go there, it is their favorite place, she lives in Atwerp but I did not have time to meet, I hope next time to see us at Becasse.
Rye de Tabora 11.

Le Cercueil – beer in the skull

It is a Gothic bar right in the Grand Place: on a side street, but at 2 m, it is visible. Halloween atmosphere, rock music, I liked. I wrote about the bar here a whole article, especially because it is quite famous and I was curious to see what it looks like.

We went to a cafĂ© in Grand Place, where we got some pink, good beer, and that’s natural and about beer.
But the possibilities are endless: many places, if you have time to visit and Cantillon – Near the Gare du Midi, the most visited Belgian factory, there are factory tours, authentic lamb beer.
Or Zwaan – a modern cafeteria that serves authentic lamb beer, preferred by young people for the modern atmosphere.


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