Best 14 incredible journeys you must take in India

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India has always contradicted strangers. People of Alexander the Great were amazed by the elephants here. William Shakespeare, who has never visited India, has alluded to his exotic book in the book “The Dream of a Summer Night”. Mark Twain has always believed that India is not worth the rate, […]

Romanian Monasteries (Part 3): Cernica

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Cernica Monastery is an Orthodox monastery located near Bucharest, in Ilfov County. Located at a distance of only 12 kilometers east of the capital, the monastic complex lies on two of the islands of Lake Cernica.  In the cernic monastic community lived countless men with holy life, the most famous […]

Romanian Monasteries (Part 2): Barsana

May 21, 2017 seenplaces 0

  Barsana church is located in the historic Maramureş, on the Izei valley. The old wooden church was built in 1711 in the place called “The Hair of the Monk” by noble priest Ioan Ştefanca, along with his sons and other villagers, to thank God for protection during the plague of […]

Romanian Monasteries ( Part 1), Voronet

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Voroneţ Monastery, which is called “Sistine Chapel of the East”, is a medieval monastic complex built in the village of Voroneţ, today the district of Gura Humorului. The monastery is 36 km away from Suceava and only 4 km from the center of Gura Humorului. It is one of the […]

Bucharest: The cultural treasures of the city

May 20, 2017 seenplaces 1

According with Daniel Ray, Bucharest is not just the economic capital of the country, but also its cultural capital. After 1989 – the year of the Romanian Revolution, which marked the fall of the compnunist regime and the disappearance of censorship, the artistic spirit and the creative talent of Romanians manifested […]

Bucharest: Walking the Streets of Old City

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A city ‘s personality reveals gradually and only during slow walks down its older streets, not necessarily its large boulevards. Today’s Bucharest looks like a city that is difficult to understand deeply. Of course the large roads and the sumptous Neoclassic, Neo- Baroque and Art deco buildings in the centre […]

Jiuhuashan Trek in China

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Of China’s four Buddhist sacred mountains, Jiuhuashan represents the South. Its temples are dedicated to Bodhisatva Ksitigarbha, lord of the earth and underworld. It rises on the northern edge of the Yangtze flood plains in Anhui Province, west of Shanghai. Above the glassy terraces of rice paddy, the road climbs […]