Travel Tip:Take a cruise from Venice to Patras

September 21, 2016 seenplaces 0

From Venice to Patras Impressions If you’re in Venice, we want to offer you an important tip: take a cruise to Patras. Travelling overland from Italy to Greece is a lengthy and expensive trip. If time is of the essence, take the ferry from Venice to Patras, thereby spoiling yourself with […]

A day on the Grand Canal of Venice

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Impressions from Grand Canal of Venice Venice– Known as La Serenissima, Queen of the Adriatic and City of Light, Venice is certainly one of the wonders of our world. An archipelago of 118 islands formed by 150 canals within a marshy lagoon on the Adriatic, Venice relies upon her waterways […]

Everything about Cordoba and Jaen Provinces

September 19, 2016 seenplaces 0

Impressions from Cordoba and Jaen These two andalucian provinces are an attractive blend f exquisite urban architecture, famed agricultural zones and great wildlife reserves within rugged mountain ranges. The ancient treasure-trove of Córdoba City is the star, of course, but the Renaissance towns of Baeza and Úbeda are among the […]

Andorra: Impressions, original pics and important travel tips

September 19, 2016 seenplaces 0

Impressions from Andorra In the south-west Europe, at the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains and among the countries of France and Spain, lays the small state officially known as the principality of Andorra. It happened all-too-often that tourists planning trips overlook this small piece of heaven, and at their own […]

Everything about Petra- the Siq, Jordan

September 16, 2016 seenplaces 1

Impressions from Petra In a previous article we spoke here about 8 places that you must see in and nearby Israel, one of them is Petra- The Siq. The Siq affords the most dramatic entrance into Petra. This deep narrow gone all but shutting out sunlight, twists almost imperceptibly downward untflj it abruptly opens […]

Crazy bike trip on Trulli Valley

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Impressions from Trulli Until recently, Puglia, the easternmost part of the heel of Italy’s boot, remained largely unknown, but today things are changing, and the region is recognized as a fascinating place, rich in architecture and lovely to behold. Farming is still the mainstay here – ancient, gnarled olive trees […]

Travel Tip: By car through the Umbria Town Hills

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Impressions from Umbria A tour arround the medieval hill towns of Umbria makes for the most pleasent of jouneys. Pottering along the small back roads, amids spreading chesnut treesand luxuriant elmson the hillsides, through valleys and beside clear sparkling streams, you are in a landscape captured by many a master […]

Trip around Lake Como

September 15, 2016 seenplaces 0

Impressions about Como Lake Lake Como, situated in northern Italy close to the Swiss border, has attracted visitors for centuries. Today, the actor George Clooney has a villa here, but wealthy Lombardians and Milanese holidayed here long before the region was ‘discovered* during the 19th centuiy, when Europe’s writers, artists […]

Everything about Cinque Terre

September 14, 2016 seenplaces 0

The Cinque Terre are five little, coastal villages set in steep valleys surrounded by rugged, mountainous terrain. This region remained isolated until roughly 100 years ago, when a railway line was built, but the area’s unique landscape and culture has been well preserved, and it’s now a UNESCO World Heritage […]