Visit Romania. A passage through the Roman monuments

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The Roman history of Romania If you think you’ll ever visit Romania, you will not go wrong at all. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with one of the most various forms of reliefs. In the same time its history is very fascinating. Romania have a […]

Impressions from Attica, the first region of Greece

August 17, 2016 seenplaces 0

All you need to know about Attica 1. Fascinating history Attica is the Greek area upon which ancient Athens nurtured philosophy and democracy. In this little corner of the earth the vitality of the Greeks found expression in all creative fields, and their thoughts helped to transform the whole outlook […]

5 beauties nearby Athens. The Saronic Isles

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Many tourists that spend thei vacation in Greece visit in the same time Athens. But, only few of them know that Athens’s surroundings are very appealing. In this post we wanted to talk about Saronic Isles. There are five Saronic Isles and all its looks amazing. 5 beauties nearby Athens- […]

Andalusia by car: Impressions from Ronda

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Through the famous “pueblos blancos” by car we’ve arrived in Ronda After we walking by car through the famous “Pueblos Blancos’ of Spain ,that give a unique beauty of Andalusia, we’ve arrived in Ronda. Ronda is a unique city due to its forms of reliefs. Ronda spans some keys with […]

Travel Tip: Take the Dinner in Plaka, Athens

August 16, 2016 seenplaces 0

If you spend your vacation in Greece with your wife or with your girlfriend, and if you are located in Athens, we would offer to you an important travel tip: Take the dinner in one night in Plaka area. Why Plaka? Plaka is for Athens what Covent Garden is for […]

Top 7 Beaches in Costa del Sol, Spain

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Costa del Sol is a marvel of Spain and it is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It has hundreds of beaches, all kinds of beaches. We’ve been there and we made the Top 7 with the best of them. Top 7 Beaches in Costa del Sol: 1. Cristo Beach (Playa […]

The 4 most beautiful castles of Romania

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If you decide to visit Romania, you must see its castles. Part of them are magnificent. Romania has a lot of monuments dating from various periods of history, but some of the most beautiful are its castles. The country has many castles, but we have compiled a Top 4 of […]